Loose StitchingFor a while now, my OH has had issues with our bedroom curtains. We have a street light just outside our bedroom window & now that it’s on a lot more, he’s having issues with the bedroom being too light. So we needed blackout material on our curtains. In a bid to save some pennies, I decided to make them, never having made anything so big on my sewing machine! Easy, I thought. I bought the material from the lovely people at Masons, where the assistant gave me no end of advice. I love that place. She cut the material to size & I’d just need to hem the fabric, add some heading tape & attach the finished article to each curtain. So I got my sewing machine out & set to work.

Tidy Hem Work Right from the start I was having problems & my instruction manual was no real help but Twitter & my mum came to the rescue. The tension wasn’t right. After a bit of fiddling with a few of the different buttons & wheels on my machine, a lot of wated cotton & loads of frustration and untypable swear words, I finally got it. Having spent about two hours to get to this point, the rest of the hemming didn’t take too long. By this point I hadn’t really stabbed myself with too many pins & I was beginning to feel pretty confident with what I was doing.

Heading TapeThen it came time to add the heading tape. This was so easy to do, as the heading tape simply slotted over the top of the fabric. I pinned it into place & stiched it on. It was super easy to do. All I had to do then was attach them to the curtains. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do this. I knew that I could leave them hangĀ  once I’d attached them using the curtain hooks. So I’ve decided to leave it like that for now. I know I can go back & stitch them onto the curtain if I want to. Plus I’d had enough by then and just wanted to get them up. So I put the curtain hooks through the heading tape on the blackout material & the curtains.

Finished Blackout CurtainsThey hang pretty well & you can’t see the blackout material when the curtains are open or when they’re drawn. I’m pretty impressed with how easy it was, once I got the tension on my machine sorted. Now all I have to decide is whether I make my own curtains next time. Not sure how much my sewing skills have developed! x