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Tuesday Treat – Autumn

I often thought that autumn was my favourite season. After a long hot summer, autumn would break winter in gently, all the while reminding us why we love layers and tights without giving us frostbite. And the last few autumnal days have been a real treat. Bright, chilly mornings; warm sunny days, evenings spent wrapped up on the sofa under my blanket.

Autumnal oxford

I’ve since realised that I’m happy with any season, as long as the weather is how it’s supposed to be. For example, I’m happy with winter, as long as it’s cold and you can wrap up warm in bobble hats and scarves, sit by the fire drinking mulled wine. I’m equally happy in summer, as long as the sun shines and it’s lovely and warm. All autumn has to do is help us transition from one (lackluster) season to another, as gently as possible. I for one can’t wait to heat up the mull and light the fire!

Tuesday Treat – Shedquarters

Nothing will stop me skim reading my Twitter timeline than a picture of a blanket. I love blankets. If I had more money, Crafty Chai towers would be covered in them, from head to toe. As it is, I have at least permanently stationed anywhere I’m going to be sitting for extended periods of time, as well as a few that I’ve inherited from friends and family over the years. So when I saw a picture of the blankets for sale over on Shedquarters, I had to stop what I was doing and take a look. In an instant, I knew I’d found heaven.


I knew it was heaven because not only do they sell gorgeous blankets, they also sell some gorgeous stationery. As I needed some birthday cards, I popped this little notepad in my online shopping basket as well. What can I say, I needed it! Plus, it suits my budget a little bit more right now than the gorgeous blankets Shedquarters have, though I am seriously thinking about adding one to my Christmas list. One in every colour? Santa can manage that!

Tuesday Treat – Loop the Loop

When it comes to social media, Twitter is my favourite. It’s how I come by most new people to follow & shops to buy from. But every now and then, Facebook throws up someone that I have to follow! Loop the Loop is one of these. I think someone I follow shared their page so it appeared in my newsfeed & boy I’m glad it did! Loop the Loop sell some really lovely things, all of which would look great in my house, obviously! My favourite thing, which would look great in my study, is this lovely French Pendant light. I saw some vintage ones at the weekend and they were twice the price so this one definitely gets points for being a bargain!

French light

They’ve also got some lovely vintage pieces, which would look good in any home, especially mine! One thing I really like is that on their About Us page they tell the story about how they source their products. What a great job it must be! To hunt out little bargains & vintage treasures, especially for people to have who want to have one off items in their home! How very lovely!