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Nutella Cupcakes

Browsing blogs is a great way to get recipes & ideas, as is looking through Twitter. One of the people I follow is The List Writer and a few weeks ago she tweeted about Nutella cupcakes. Naturally I asked for the recipe so when she blogged about it I knew that I had to make them!

The recipe was very straightforward and can be found on Nancy's blog The Philosophy of Lists. I didn't put any frosting on them as they were so chocolatey already that I didn't think they needed it. The only mistake I made was not trusting my oven and cooking them for a few minutes more than Nancy instructed. It didn't ruin them but the Nutella wasn't as liquid as it should have been.

There are no pictures as I was busy baking both for work & for my OH's birthday. And I was probably too busy eating the Nutella to pick up my camera! Needless to say they were delicious and I will be making them again. Fact x

A New Look

Welcome to my new look blog. Many thanks to my amazing OH who has spent almost all his bank holiday helping me with the new layout and banner.

I hope you enjoy looking at my blog & reading about the little things that I do.

I have to admit I had a lot of fun organising the layout & picking out colour schemes, drop shadows, links etc. Now all I have to do is find something else to blog about!

Technical Craft

Vignette in Pixelmator

I have to admit that I love this blogging stuff. Not only has it given me a chance to share what I’m doing & find interesting it also means that I look at what other people are doing.

I have felt recently that I want to upgrade my blog from a beginner style to something a bit more professional. So I’ve taken a massive step – I’ve actually paid money for my blog! My very technically minded OH is spending some of his bank holiday having a look at new designs for it so expect a few changes over the next few weeks.

Not only that but I’ve been very jealous of some of the images that I’ve seen on some of my favourite blogs. So I’ve also bought Pixelmator so that I can alter my images to give them a bit of something.

Below is my attempt at vignette. Not bad for a first timer! (I usually do everything, & I mean everything, in Word!) It’s a little basic but I’m just getting to learn all the tools, layers etc. So expect some pimped up pics on here shortly! Right, where’s my camera… 

Vignette in Pixelmator