I don’t know about you, but I seem to wear the same three or so outfits, despite having a wardrobe and chest of drawers I can’t actually clothes. Inspired by this post, which Rosie shared in a Facebook, I was determined to get myself organised. The problem I have is this: about a third of my clothes are a size too small (but I’m working on getting back into them), a third are worn out/gross and a third are only suitable for winter. I’d packed up all the clothes that were too small/out of season last year but decided that it would be a good idea to go through all my clothes and be thorough.

Clothes Pile

Here’s a snapshot of me going through everything. I found some little gems that I’d forgotten about, some that didn’t fit when I packed them away do now (though I’m still amazed how widely sizes vary) and I found some clothes that I should never have bought in the first place! The other thing I discovered was that I have an insane amount of pyjamas! I created a pile of charity shop donations, a pile of clothes needing repair and piles of clothes needing a good wash. I also tried things on as I went, which was great motivation, as some clothes are just a few Body Combat classes short of being wearable.

Charity Shop Donations

In the end, I bagged up seven bags worth of clothes for the charity shop, one bag of boots and shoes and one bag of clothes for recycling. I also gave up a few handbags that I never use and found a pen, a tissue and a pack of Love Hearts. I always seem to find these things in old handbags – never an odd £5 note though. In the end, I was left with this beautifully organised wardrobe and drawers I can close without losing a finger.

Tidy Wardrobe

(Note: I don’t think my wardrobe is lovely. It’s actually pretty rubbish, as the doors don’t close properly and everything gets dusty.)

I also made sure that I washed everything that needed washing straight away and I mended two cardigans, two dresses, a jumper and a hat. I’m hoping that this way, I’ll start wearing more of the clothes I actually have. If I haven’t worn it in six months, I plan to get rid of it. That way, it’ll stay organised. In theory!

How about you? How organised is your wardrobe? Do you declutter regularly?