I love it when a blog post stems from a very easy craft project and am doubly pleased that this one also fits in with my #BEDN post for today, which is Something I Made. I recently inherited quite an amazing stamp collection, full of brightly coloured stamps of all sizes. I knew that I’d enjoy using them to make something lovely and this week I used them to make a congratulations card, along with my Cricut Mini and an old OS map, bought from Oxfam for £2. Not a bad bit of upcycling!

stampsI knew I wanted to do a bunting style, but not too cutesy, as the intended recipient was a man. So I cut a small triangle into the bottom of a few stamps and stuck them on the card in the shape of bunting. I then used some patterned scissors to cut away the edge of the card and stuck some washi tape on the inside of the card to show through the shaped edging. Finally, I used my Cricut Mini to cut out ‘Congratulations’ on the OS map and stuck it beneath the bunting. I’m pretty happy with it, though I think the ‘Congratulations’ could be bigger so I’ll do a bit more experimenting with sizes.

congratulations cardI also made a picture gallery in my study, with the help of my OH, though that’s another post for another day! How about you? Did you make anything today?