I’m always on the look out to try new craft things, preferably quick things. My main craft is knitting and I’m not a quick knitter so I like to try other things that might create an end product a bit quicker! A while ago, I read about the Crafty Fox Box over on Patchwork Harmony’s blog (and this was the inspiration for my paper garland). I’ve noticed that subscription boxes are becoming more & more popular and you can get everything from snack boxes to coffee, dog treats to stationery. I’m hoping to try a few others and report back.

crafty fox boxYou get quite a lot in the box, along with a link to get some instructions. I cannot wait to have a go at carving my own stamp, along with the other bits & pieces. The cards that come with it are really good quality so I’m hoping to design some new cards using the stamp that I make and the one that came with the box. I’m so glad I got a craft box! Have you signed up to any monthly box subscriptions – are there any that you can recommend?