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Tuesday Treat – A Vegan Cream Tea at Fawsley Hall

A few weeks ago, a few friends and I took advantage of a very good spa day bargain at Fawsley Hall. We had a massage and a cream for £59. A very good deal if you ask me. When my friend booked it, she made it clear that we needed a vegan cream tea for me. After a little confusion, where they’d forgotten about me, my little stand of vegan greatness was brought out. I wasn’t disappointed.

Vegan cream teaVegan Cream Tea at Fawsley HallFawsley HallIt was really lovely. I had two scones, just enough cream and jam and a huge pot of coffee all to myself. I was really impressed that I was able to have anything, let alone a cream tea. After a lovely massage, it was the perfect way to end the day.

#BEDN ~ Food Glorious Food

Cornwall was an absolute delight when it came to food. I was quite surprised that so many places catered so well for vegetarians, it was really refreshing. Naturally I took advantage of being on holiday & pretty much stuffed my face at every given opportunity! It started on our arrival to our holiday cottage, where we had been left some homemade cake. Perfection!

Homemade cakeWhen eating out, we had to find places that catered for me & Poppy and once again, we were quite surprised to find lots of places that welcomed Poppy with open arms.

Veggie cooked breakfastWe googled dog friendly places to eat, and Trevena Cross Nurseries came up and lo and behold, they also did a veggie cooked breakfast. We chose to eat outside so that when Poppy hit her limit of waiting, she wouldn’t bother too many other people, but she was welcome inside too. When they brought our food out, they brought some water & dog treats for Poppy too! Cute!

Cornish Cream TeaAfter one of our epic walks around the coast path, we needed some refreshment and noticed that The Old Cellars Restaurant offered a Cornish Cream Tea. Once again, Poppy was welcome both inside & out. Now I’ve eaten many a cream tea in my time, but this was the best one I’ve ever eaten! Whether it was the hike, the fresh sea air or the fact that we were in Cornwall, whatever, it was amazing! The thought of it is actually making my mouth water!

Delicious lunchVeggie options for lunch can be hugely disappointing. Cheese sandwich anyone? So when we checked out the menu for The Fat Mackerel and I saw the meal above, I knew I didn’t want to look anywhere else. I love olives & hummus and I wasn’t disappointed with this. The only criticism I have is that I could’ve done with more bread, but that’s just because I’m greedy! Poppy was welcome too though I don’t know welcome she was after she barked at a dog that walked by – Poppy has a surprisingly loud bark!

Homemade soupOn our final night, we ate at Cadgwith Cove Inn. I’m not quite sure why we left it to the last night to eat there, but it was amazing! Not only do they sell great wine & have fishermen singing there every Friday, but Poppy was a big hit & earned lots of dog treats from the barman! It’s safe to say she was pretty happy there. I was too, not only because their delicious carrot & coriander soup changed my view of soup, but because the veggie option on the menu was a vegetarian trio.

Veggie TrioThe Vegetarian Trio consisted of risotto, cannelloni & toasted focaccia and it was delicious. It felt really nice to have a meal out that had some thought to it and not feel like they just kind of did whatever. It’s probably better that we didn’t eat there on our first night, as we wouldn’t have left!

There’s nothing quite like eating great food, especially when you’re on holiday. Why? Those calories don’t count of course!

Cream Tea & Knitting

Afternoon Tea Fallowfields

Last Friday I went to Fallowfields Hotel for a spot of knitting and a cream tea. I met up with Gail aka @a2knitting and Nikki from @nixbits66. We’d arranged it via Twitter & had the awkward ‘are you the ones?’ when we met up! But that didn’t last long at all. Before long we were gossipping nine to the dozen.

We ordered the cream tea & we weren’t disappointed! We had 2 scones each – one fruit & one plain, with plenty of cream and jam to be had. But it wasn’t all about the cream tea. We all brought something that we were knitting & had a good old chinwag while we got busy with our yarn.

I think we’ll definitely meet up again. It was so nice to meet up with fellow minded knitters. I love a good knitting circle & would encourage anyone to join in with their local one. You meet different people & can talk about so many different things. You might even get to eat some lovely cake!

Afternoon Tea Fallowfields

A Royal Throwing Buns

Royal Bun Throwing in Abingdon

I’m sure everyone who has a blog will putting something about the Royal Wedding – bunting, parties, THE DRESS etc. But my post is about a very local tradition Royal Bun Throwing in Abingdon & a very local cafe. When we moved to Abingdon about a year ago we had no idea about the tradition it had of throwing buns from the top of the town hall on special royal occasions. It wasn’t until we visited the Throwing Buns cafe behind the town hall. Not only were we impressed by the tradition but we were impressed with the food, cake & coffee from the cafe. We’ve been regular visitors from then on. 

Therefore it seemed only right that we go there on Friday before 4000 buns were thrown from the town hall to commemorate the royal wedding of Will & Kate on Friday. It was really busy but that didn’t mean that the quality of the food or the service slacked at all. All four of us opted for the cream tea from the special Royal Wedding menu (my mum & sister were visiting for the weekend.)It was really delicious. The scones were nice & light and there was plenty of cream & jam. It was a great way to prepare for the bun throwing. Alas we didn’t catch any buns but it was a great practice for the one next year!