One of the reasons I enjoy spring is the warmth of the sun during the day but the excuse to snuggle up under a warm blanket during the chilly evenings. The sun hasn’t yet warmed the air enough for it to be so warm in the evening that it’s time to do away with the blanket just yet (though truth be told, I’ll still be using mine even in summer!) In our house, every room has at least one blanket in it. You can never have too many blankets and I’ve got my eye on these gorgeous cob weave Welsh blankets from Decorator’s Notebook.

Cobweave Welsh wool blankets

[Image via source]

Not only do the blankets look super cosy, but they also come in a range of beautiful colours. Plus they’re made in North Wales so they’re fairtrade and local. How great is that?! I think I need one in every colour!