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Chocolate Digestives

Chocolate Digestives

Almost a year ago, I made these Homemade Digestive biscuits and had always planned to make them again, but add chocolate. Well, I finally got around to doing it. I wasn’t disapointed!

Chocolate Digestives

They were delicious and they are so easy to make. I made them a bit thinner and smaller this time, and left them alone in the oven. They had a nice biscuit crunch. I had some dark chocolate chunks in the cupboard so melted them and added them to the top of the biscuits. They were soooooo tasty! You should definitely try them! You can find the original recipe here. Enjoy x

Homemade Wholemeal Digestive Biscuits

Homemade Digestive Biscuits

A few weeks ago, as I sat reading through my Twitter timeline, @thelittleloaf tweeted about homemade wholemeal digestive biscuits. Hmmmmm…I thought, I’ve never made biscuits. I had a look at the recipe and it didn’t look too complicated. I had all the ingredients so it would make a nice change to bake some biccies.

Homemade Digestive BiscuitsThe recipe on The Little Loaf blog is so easy to follow & even though my digestives don’t look much like the little loaf’s do but they sure are tasty! Therein lies the problem. Now I’ve made them, I can’t stop eating them! x