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The Poppy Diaries – Week 4

On Sunday we celebrated our first month of being Poppy’s owners. She, and, we have come a long way! Poppy is much more settled in the house & is gaining in confidence about the place. For example, earlier on in the week, she discovered the bin in the bathroom. It has a swing lid, which she poked with her nose. When it swung back at her, it made her jump & bark! This continued until she pulled the bin over & ate part of a wrapper from a bar of soap. Tasty eh? Last night, she found the bar of soap, tried to eat it, barked at it when we moved it out of her reach & then cried when we shut her out of the bathroom. All because the lady loves the taste of soap!

Here are a few of my favourite pics of Poppy:


We were just about to go for our evening walk. As I switch everything off & move out of my study for the day, Poppy is learning the signs of when it’s time to head to the park! She’s pretty well behaved during the getting ready process, she’s quite happy to sit & wait while we get shoes, coats, treats, poo bags etc!


This was after one of evening walks this week, when the weather has been so much warmer. Because Poppy’s on lead behaviour can be quite frantic, she wears herself out quite easily. And don’t forget, she’s only got little legs… well, little front legs at least!

Giant paw

I love this picture of one of Poppy’s giant paws! Poppy isn’t the easiest dog to photograph because as soon as you move to get the better camera or to get into a better position, she’s all over you! She doesn’t want to miss out on anything! So if you want a picture, you have to be quick.

These are some of the things I’ve learnt about Poppy this week:

  • While her hatred for pigeons seems to have calmed down a bit, her loathing of squirrels has increased. Poppy will go crazy when she sees a squirrel – so much so that she’ll stand on her hind legs, scrabbling away at the tree, trying to climb it to get the pesky squirrel!
  • Poppy has weird tastebuds. Recently she’s been eating dandelions from the garden. While we’re doing up our garden, it’s fair to say that we’ve been a bit lax on weeding the borders. Fortunately, we now have Poppy who is eating the heads off the dandelions. Never known a dog to do this! Her love of used chewing gum is increasing  so much so that she’ll try & pry it off the pavement, no matter how old it is! She also managed to eat some of the suet bird food over the weekend. Gross!
  • Poppy likes to chase butterflies. There was a really cute moment on Saturday when we were all in the garden, with the warm sun on our backs, when a butterfly danced across the garden. Poppy then proceeded to dance across the garden too, chasing the butterfly! So very cute!
  • Her distrust of the ironing board has also increased, so much so that when I put it up she runs out of the room!
  • Poppy is very stubborn. If she wants to stay on the sofa when you want her to get down, she takes a long time to give in. If she wants to try & nudge open the food recycle bin, then trying to get her away from it is really difficult. It’s almost like she has selective hearing & you have to get her attention first before she’ll even acknowledge that you’re there!

We’ve also had a firsts this week, not all good! Firstly, we had a few night time accidents. We’re not quite sure why, it certainly wasn’t because we had mammoth lie-ins or anything! I wish! Over the last few days we’ve been getting up a bit earlier and that seems to have settled things a bit. Poppy was also sick in the house the other morning. (So grateful we have wooden floors!) Both my OH & I heard a strange noise, both of us assumed it was the other, then came the shout ‘Poppy’s been sick!’ Well, now we know what to look out for!

In other positive news, Poppy has really nailed the stay command this week. I got her to sit & stay on the mat at the back door, while I walked to the front door. She stayed where she was until I moved to give her a treat! This is great news & I think we’re ready to try it out in the garden where there are more distractions. We’re still working on play and a few other commands, but I’ll be sure to update you!

We took Poppy to visit my OH’s family on Saturday & she was really well behaved. She didn’t bark or get frustrated, and pretty much did what she was told. Good girl Poppy! It’s fair to say that we’re proud parents!


The Poppy Diaries – Week 1


Instead of giving Poppy her own blog, I’ve decided to write a weekly diary about how we’re all getting on, how she’s settling in and what we’re learning about her & her ways!Poppydog

Our first week with little Poppy has been a real learning curve. I’ve lived with dogs for a long time, but nothing can prepare you for being the owner of your own dog. It’s such a huge responsibility. Even though I’ve wanted a dog for such a long time, I didn’t realise how tough the first few days were going to be.

Poppy is a great dog. She’s really easy going and gentle. She loves attention, wants to meet everyone we see on our walks & she’s desperate to play with all the dogs in the park. She’s happy to be picked up & manhandled, (which we had to do when we had new windows put in this week!), she didn’t mind me trying out a harness on her & changing the size and she doesn’t mind been pulled about when we’re trying to untangle the lead from her.

What she doesn’t like is bed time.

On her first night, Poppy barked & howled for a good 45 minutes when we put her to bed. She finally settled down, but then woke up every 1.5/2 hours throughout the night. Our poor neighbours! On the second night, she didn’t take as long to settle and only barked once during the night. Then we decided to leave the radio on. Who knew Poppy was a Radio 4 girl?! She now settles instantly, along with the help of a nighttime treat, and generally sleeps through until 6am. We’re hoping with the clocks changing this’ll be extended until 7 for a bit, which’ll give me time to fashion a curtain that should help darken her room a bit. And hopefully help her, and us, get a bit more sleep!

Here’s what I’ve learned about Poppy this week:

  • Poppy likes to bounce. Like all good Springer Spaniels, when Poppy gets excited she bounces like crazy. And not only that, she stands on her back legs quite a bit. I think it’s so she can get better view of things, as she’s so small!
  • Poppy is really well behaved around food. She is completely disinterested when we’re eating & only slightly interested when we’re preparing food. However…
  • Poppy likes to eat used chewing gum. She has to stop & sniff it, and if you’re not quick enough, she’ll gobble it up. (PS – She also loves Minstrels & dog poop & I’m pretty sure she also ate a feather by mistake after it got stuck to her nose)
  • Poppy has GIANT front paws. As she’s a Basset Hound mix, she has proper Basset front paws. Just her front. Her back legs are all Spaniel, but she stands with them pointing outwards. Super cute!
  • Poppy has a great Hound howl. She howls when she’s over excited, tired, yawning & fed up of barking.

Despite being 2, Poppy hasn’t been trained so some of her ways are very puppy- like. At the moment, when we’re getting ready to go for a walk, or not paying her enough attention, or giving her what she wants straight away, Poppy barks. And she’ll quite happily bark right in your face. This won’t do. So my OH looked into it & we’re working on training her out of it. In order to do this, we have to ignore her when she barks, and reward her good, quiet behaviour. This is hard. When we’re getting for a walk, she gets overexcited & barks like a crazy pooch. We have to ignore her until she quiets down & then we can go out on the walk. It totally works though so here’s hoping she’ll be the best behaved pooch in the park in no time!

Introducing Poppy the Dog

Say hello to the latest addition at Crafty Chai towers… 2 year old Poppy!









We’ve been wanting a little dog of our own for ages, but needed to get the garden secure beforehand. With that completed & out of the way, we registered at Blue Cross last weekend. We didn’t mind what type of dog we adopted as long as it was housetrained, not too big (as Crafty Chai towers is compact & bijou!) and supercute! We wanted to adopt a dog as there are so many dogs that need it, it wouldn’t feel right not to. Blue Cross told us that they update their website hourly! So we went home & started hitting the F5 button. The speed at which dogs were added and taken off was overwhelming, especially as there are some dogs on the site that have been there for a while. Heartbreaking. (If I had my way, I’d have all the dogs!)

Then, on Tuesday, little Poppy appeared. We had a look at her profile, had a chat and rang the centre to find out more. She was being rehomed due a relationship breakdown, had lived with small pets & a toddler and had a good temperment. We arranged to meet her on Friday.

We fell in love with her instantly. Poppy is a Spring Spaniel Bassett Hound cross – A Springbatt! I’d never come across this mix before, but she is a real mixture! Being more basset than spaniel, she has short front legs, beautiful hound eyes & giant ears. The back end of her is more spaniel, though she has the best bark which turns into quite the howl! I like the weird mixture – she’s really unique. It’s almost like someone has cut up a few different dogs & mixed them all together! Adorable! We met her again this morning, had some basic training to help her improve her recall & brought her home.

She does need a bit of training so will be attending classes, as she gets a little bit overexcited, but so far, so good. She has settled in well, and is curled up next to me, on the sofa, snoozing away, as I write this. She’s been in our home less than 6 hours & already I can’t imagine it without her. We’ve definitely made the right decision. I’ll try not to drown my social media feeds with pictures & videos of her, but she’s going to be a regular feature!