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Tuesday Treat

Always believe

A few weeks ago, Gabrielle over on The Green Gal blogged about a motivational poster that she made for herself & made it available as a free download. My work space is very important & I like to have colourful, inspirational things around me. This poster does both. So I’ve printed it out and put it up my wall.

Always believe

A few weeks ago I launched my own business, cateca, and have been really overwhelmed by the opportunities that keep coming my way. I’m really enjoying myself & truly agree with the poster – You just have to believe it! x

iPhone Cover

iPhone cover

For a while now I’ve wanted to write my own knitting pattern. I’m very aware that there areiPhone cover huge issues when it comes to selling something I’ve knitted from someone else’s pattern. If you are allowed to do this, then you usually have to ask for permission, quite rightly. But I know that this doesn’t always happen. So I wanted to knit something of mine & write my own pattern.

I decided on an iPhone cover and some are currently available in my Folksy shop. It’s a basic cable pattern, to say the least! But if you would like to use it to knit your own iPhone cover then please feel free! If you have any suggestions about how I can improve my pattern writing, then please leave a comment below – any help gratefully received!

Download Cable iPhone cover

UPDATE: My OH’s mum, Jane, sent me an email last night, saying that she’d just completed her own iPhone cover, using this pattern. She said, “It was very easy to follow. I used slightly smaller needles and thinner wool so had to knit an extra 8 rows.” Below is her iPhone cover. I’m so pleased that someone has tried the pattern & that it works! Having never written one before, it’s always difficult to tell. But at least I know it all makes sense! Thanks Jane x

Janes iphone cover