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Bournemouth Vegan Fair 2016

A few friends of mine have been to vegan fairs around the country and eaten and bought a ton of vegan food. I’ve been jealous every time so when I saw the Bournemouth Vegan Fair advertised, I knew that I had to go. Best decision ever. I made sure I had plenty of bags to carry everything that I planned to buy. Used them all!

Vegan Salad Hannah Banana vegan salted caramel cupcake Baby seagull on Bournemouth Beach Hananah Banana vegan cookies and cream cake Namaste in with my dog Bournemouth vegan fair haulThe first stall I went to was Hannah Banana Bakery, as I knew that they might sell out. I bought doughnuts, a salted caramel cupcake and the cookies and cream cake. All were delicious. Then after buying paw balm for Poppydog, I headed to Jade Green Vegan stall to buy the Namaste in with my dog jumper, which I’ve only taken off for work since the fair! It gets a little bit hazy after that point, as it was a little overwhelming. Having only been vegan since September, being somewhere where I could eat, buy, wear everything was awesome. Finally, it was like we were all talking the same language.

There was a real mix of people there and a good mixture of stalls. Loads of food stalls, including Mad Cucumber and Badger’s Dairy & Egg free food, where I sampled the most delicious coleslaw, which I’ve been enjoying all week! I got my lunch from Fairfoods and had the salad, but saved the sausage roll to have for lunch during the week. I spent ages looking around, picking up business cards so I could follow people on Twitter, including Turtle Spirit, who have some amazing eco jewellery. I also stopped by the Viva! stall and bought the ‘Live Life!’ t-shirt and got a free magazine. My final stop before heading home was with Eden Perfume and bought a bottle of number 85, which smells the same as Chloe by Chanel. Way better than the Chanel version because it’s cruelty free and way cheaper!

I had such an amazing day, even if I did get wet, sitting on the beach eating my cupcake afterwards! It was worth it. I’ll definitely be going to more vegan fairs, as it’s a great way to get easy access to more cake. Nom, nom, nom!

Tuesday Treat – Eden Perfumes

It’s been nearly eight weeks since I became vegan. While it’s been a massive learning curve, there’s nothing I miss. The reason being that there are so many cruelty free alternatives. When my perfume ran out, earlier on in the year, I didn’t replace it straight away. I wanted something cruelty free and organic if possible, but didn’t really know where to start. While I love a lot of what Lush does, their perfumes are too strong for me. Recently, I’ve just been going without, until a fab vegan friend posted about Eden Perfumes on her Facebook page and absolutely raved about them. It’s easy to know which one you want, as they make their own version of many highstreet perfumes.

Eden Perfume

My fab vegan friend very kindly picked me up a bottle of No. 50 Similar to L’eau D’Issey Miyake Women’s, which has been my favourite perfume for the last ten years. I was prepared to live without that scent, but now I don’t have to, thanks to Eden Perfume. Now I know about Eden, I’m going to find another couple of perfumes that I like and add a few more to my Christmas list. Well, you can never have too many vegan, organic and cruelty free perfumes, can you?!