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Tuesday Treat – Chamby and Cor

I first discovered Chamby and Cor over on the lovely Mathilde heart Manech blog, where the lovely Lisa had written a blog post about creating your own Washi Tape Christmas Cards. I have been a fan of washi tape for quite some time now so to find a British shop online that has some amazing designs is a real find. And not only that, but it also has lots of other amazing stationery goods worth buying, like bakers twine and pretty paper bags.

tapeThis is my favourite washi tape in the shop. I’m loving mustard colours at the moment and the flowers are really pretty and delicate. The thing I love about washi tape is that it is so versatile. You can use it in crafting, packaging and even when you’re doing DIY. If I get any spending money for Christmas, you can be sure I’m heading right here to indulge!


Tuesday Treat

Leather Satchel

I’ve been wanting to do a regular weekly post for a while, as I’ve noticed that lots of people do them. It’s a good way to get regular readers but if you find something nice on line, then it’s a good way to share it. So I’ve decided to do a weekly post called Tuesday Treat, where I’ll post something that is some kind of treat – whether it’s a lovely image, an inspiring quote or a treat for you tummy or your wardrobe! Here goes!

This weeks Tuesday Treat is a link to this amazing shop: French & English Confectioner’s. I found them on Etsy & instantly favourited their shop. They make amazing luxury leather goods, but at reasonable prices. All the items are classic designs but made so that they look modern & cool. The bag below is my ultimate favourite & at £68 is pretty reasonable, as it will never go out of style. Why not take a look? x

Leather Satchel

A Month of Saturdays

Cotton Reels

Do you ever get that feeling that you work too much & play too little? My Sunday night work dread has been replaced with the feeling that I haven’t done all the crafty things that I want to do. Knitting, baking, blogging, sewing, relaxing, exercising etc. I often get to tea time on Sunday with many of the nice things to do undone & rushing round the essential things that I need to do. So it got me thinking. What I need is a week of Saturdays. So what would I do with them?

Firstly I would spend hours adding beautiful pictures of very prettyCotton Reels things onto my Pinterest boards. If you haven’t discovered Pinterest then take a peek. You know when you’re looking at images on Etsy (like this from Lola’s Room on Etsy), Folksy or Flickr but you can’t/haven’t got time to buy it/print it etc but you want to keep the image? Well that’s what this helps you to do! Amazing! And you get to have a look at other people’s boards & remind yourself of all the beauty in the world. Lush.

Then I would have a go a making a Morsbag. No idea? Well basically it’s an idea where you you make a reusable bag by using old material that you have instead of using plastic ones & then chucking them away when your done, filling up loads of landfill space. This is such a cool idea & one day I AM going to make one!


I would also make some silver jewellery. I attend classes as part of Oxfordshire Adult Learning. I have made a few things already (more on that another time) & I am half way through a long chain necklace. 

I would finish the knitting needle case I started; the secret project I am working on; sort out my cd’s & DVDs; get a hair cut; get some new glasses; go for a long walk & bike ride; have lunch in a nice country pub; reupholster two dining chairs; make some birthday cards; plant some herbs & get a manicure and get my gin on!

Oh drink some chai and do some baking!

Pink Icing Cupcake Stars