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#BEDM – Wishlist

I’ve got a little admission for you, lovely blog reader. I’ve had the same workout bottoms for about the last 7 years. Yep. I have got my moneys worth out of those bad boys, that’s for sure. They are starting to look a little tired and the elastic is starting to go in them, requiring me to pull them up about 15 million times during Combat. They’ve got a little bit big too, but fortunately/unfortunately, I have the exact same pair a size smaller. What a relief! Here’s to wearing the same bottoms for another 7 years…

workout kitHere’s a pretty rubbish picture of my work out kit. I love my t-shirt, which I got from Spikes & Heels last summer. It is such an awesome t-shirt mainly because it has normal length sleeves. I HATE womens t shirts that have tiny sleeves and all workout t shirts seem to be like that. Why? I have bingo wings and while I’m not under the illusion that longer sleeves hide them, I just don’t want to show them off. It’s a body issue, deal with it. Not only that but this t-shirt isn’t fitted and isn’t short. Why work out clothes for women have to be super small and super tight is beyond me. This is why I love this t-shirt. Tho, I could do with a few more. I have to admit, I love these trainer socks, as they keep my feet nice and cool when working up a sweat. Finally, the ever so essential sports bra. I have no idea why any woman, no matter how big or small her boobs are, would even consider doing exercise without one of these in their possession. As I’m, um, pretty chesty, I always wear a sports bra, even when doing something like pilates. My current bra is a Shock Absorber and is suited to running, which means it’s suitable for anything high impact. I wouldn’t work out without it.

So as my workout kit is pretty dated, here’s my wishlist of what I most want right now.

fit kit wishlist

1. Wolfe Academy Hoodie // 2. American Apparel T-shirt

3. Patagonia Trainers // 4. Patagonia knickers

They are all from ethical companies who have clear eco policies, which I love and they all look great. I especially love the trainers. They’re so much brighter than the ones I’m currently wearing. I think it’s important to be comfortable when you’re working out. You don’t want your clothes to be a barrier to getting and staying fit.

How about you? What’s the one thing you’d like to spice up your workout kit?


#BEDM – World Fair Trade Day

I can remember a time before Fair Trade and I can remember finding out about the incredibly low pay people received, the inhumane working conditions and the perpetual poverty workers were being kept in. Why? So we could have cheap clothes, food and flowers. As a teenager, I was outraged by animal testing and for me, not paying people fairly is equally deplorable. For that reason, I’ve been shopping with People Tree as often as I can. Their philosophy is simple: People Tree aims to be 100% Fair Trade throughout our supply chain. The clothes they sell are not only beautiful but ethically sound, from both a fair trade perspective and an environmental one. I decided to spend a bit of time taking a look at some of their dresses. Oh my, there’s plenty I’d like!

People Tree Dresses

1. Tricia Dress in Green £68 // 2. Orla Kiely Shirt Dress £90 // 3. Tricia Dress in Red £68

4. Elizabeth Dress £78 // 5. Maggie Dress £65 // 6. Eva Dove Dress £56 (Reduced)

I would quite happily buy all of these dresses, if only my credit card would allow! Gorgeous and ethical, what’s not to love?! What are your favourite fair trade shops? Let me know so I can shop there too!