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Tuesday Treat – Finding somewhere new

Recently, when my OH & I have wanted to go out for coffee or lunch, I’ve wanted to try somewhere new but failed to think of anywhere to go. Last weekend, my OH came up trumps with somewhere lovely – Saddleback Farm Shop. Isn’t it great when you find somewhere new, especially when it’s local? Lucky for me, Saddleback is near where I live in Abingdon, bang in the middle of the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

Saddleback Farm ShopWe sat outside for lunch & you can see why – What a view! After lunch, we went to the farm shop and bought lots of lovely food. What a perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday! Sometimes I think I’m so lucky to live where I do. Oxford’s a great city, we’re close enough to London, and yet, the countryside is right there. It’s good to remind yourself of the lovely things in life, especially when things look a little bleak.

Limes Farm Tearoom, Farthinghoe

Limes Farm Cooked Breakfast

A few weeks ago, some old teacher buddies and I got together for brunch. As we come from all over, we needed somewhere in the middle so we opted for Limes Farm Shop & Tearooms. Just off the main road, you can blink & miss it, but you would be missing out! We booked in advance, mainly because one of the party is coeliac. I had a look at the online menu (obviously!) & wasn’t surprised to see that the veggie options were limited to toast or porridge. I didn’t mind, as like both. However, when ordering, to the horror of my friends when I didn’t order the cooked breakfast, the waitress informed me that they did a veggie option. And not a pathetic excuse for a veggie cooked breakfast – a proper veggie cooked breakfast with veggie sausages, mushroom, toast, beans & two fried eggs! Delicious! I was so pleased. I love a cooked breakfast & hate it when veggies get shortchanged with just extra beans & mushrooms. It was delicious. And so were the meat versions and the gluten-free version!

Limes Farm Cooked BreakfastLimes Farm is a great place to meet up & enjoy good food. It has a great atmosphere, they make great coffee and has incredible food. The food for sale in the shop looks fantastic & I will definitely be going back for some afternoon tea. If you’re nearby, make sure you drop in. You won’t be disappointed!



I have found my true bliss. It’s name is Daylesford Farm. I’d heard of it from Twitter but hadn’t really looked much into it. Then, I tweeted, asking for breakfast recommendations in or around Chipping Norton. Daylesford was suggested a number of times. So I thought that it would be worth a go. I am so glad that I did!


As soon as we pulled into the car park, I knew this was my kind of place. The buildings are converted farm buildings and look great. We walked right through to the cafe at the back & I was instantly in heaven. The whole place has such a lovely, relaxed feel. The customer service in the cafe was excellent and the breakfast options were fab. I opted for the boiled eggs & soldiers with a pot of morning tea but I could have eaten most of the menu. The eggs were perfect & soft – delicious! While we were there, we had a look at their new Autumn menu & I cannot wait to go back and try it. It looks delicious.

Egg Soldiers

After breakfast we had a look around the shop. This is where I wish I had no money worries! They had loads of great kitchen and home stuff, along with great local organic food. I was especially impressed that in their cheese room (yep, you read that right!) they had listed whether their rennet was traditional or vegetarian. Good work Daylesford. We bought a few pastries, some bread and some storage jars for our fresh coffee. We had a look around the barn that sells clothes and fancy smellies – I really fell in love here. Rose oil, scented candles, knitted hot water bottle covers…heaven. Out the back they also have a spa and yoga centre. I’d love a go in both. In fact, if I could, I would go for a yoga class, have a massage, a spot of lunch, buy some fresh produce for tea & a bottle of prosecco to enjoy at home. Perfection!

It’s been a while since I’ve found somewhere that I’ve thought ‘I want everyone I know to come here’ and was thinking about all of the people I could take to Daylesford or meet up with there, just so I had an excuse to go back there. I love the ethos behind the place – everything is local, sustainable & organic. The animals have healthy happy lives & it was a pleasure to go there. Well worth a trip to.