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Autumnal Floral Decoration

A few weeks ago, my OH’s sister got married. For the floral decorations, we decorated the venue with dried flowers. They were beautiful! And I had my eye on a few to use at home after the day was over. The thing about dried flowers is that they last, so when pennies are tight & you can’t afford fresh flowers, these work a treat. Here’s how I used them.

Autumnal flowersThese fit perfectly in the beer bottle in front of the fireplace in my study. (Please ignore the blue towel that the fireplace is resting on! It needs a spruce before being attached to the wall!)

vintage milk jugI’m always looking for flowers to go in this vintage jug, but you need a lot of flowers to make them look effective. I love the oranges against the green of the walls.

gourdsNothing says autumn to me like gourds! I love having them in the house & keep them as long as possible. They’re so festive & manage to brighten up any space. Try it!

floral displayI love the colour these bring, which is important at this time of year when it feels so much darker all the time. How do you decorate your home in autumn?

A Crafty Garden – An update

We’ve been working really hard on getting our garden sorted. For weeks, it felt like all we did was work on the garden, which was fine as it also meant I could work on my tan* (See ‘tan’, think just less vampire-pale!) Anyway, we’ve not been able to do much over the last few weekends, with weddings & other commitments. Plus I think we were a little burnt out on gardening. We’ll be back out there next weekend though, as we’re really close to getting everything done, bar the planting, which will come later.

The main area we’ve been focusing on was the back of the garden. It’s overshadowed by a tree & it’s not an area we use particularly. We’ve decided to let it go wild & plant wild flower seeds. We’ve picked up some packs of seeds from Burford Garden Centre, that are suitable for a shady area like this, but will still attract bees & butterflies. At the moment, it’s only attracting Poppy & some cats!

Back of the gardenThere is a gap between the wall and the shed, which Poppy uses to bark at the cats that sit on the shed. When we plant the seeds, we’re going to try & block this area off from her. We’re hoping it’ll become a little area for nature. One that doesn’t require much weeding!

Soon to be wildWe moved the compost bin from the back & found, surprisingly, compost! So I’m hoping that we can carry on using it, but would love to ‘pretty up’ the bin a bit. If you know how I can do that, let me know! I also want to paint the fence, as it’s really tatty in place & we haven’t got the budget to replace it right now. We’re not sure what type of outdoor paint to use though, as it’s already been painted once. Again, any ideas, let me know as we need to do that before we plant.

Numbered bricksIn the space at the back of the garden, we found these adorable bricks. (We also found some very annoying reinforced concrete, which required a few tips to the trip to remove, but that’s another story!) We’re going to reuse a lot of the bricks we dug up throughout the garden, but what I’d like to know is why do these bricks have numbers in them? We’ve got quite a few. Why were they buried under ground? Who made them? So many questions arrise when your garden is over 150 years old!

Hanging BasketOne thing that has gone well are my plants! They’ve really bloomed. The hanging basket I planted up is my favourite. Everything was bought from Millets Farm & the plants were random & on offer so I’m not sure what they are, except that they’re pretty & the bees love them!

Planted potsThis is my favourite pot though. These have grown like wild fire & spread everywhere. They need a bit of tidy up at the moment, but nothing too taxing, which is why I like pots!

The end is in sight for the garden. We’ve got a deadline of the end of July to get all the major work completed, which is quite doable. Then we’ll focus on working out what to plant.

Tuesday Treat – Peonies


One of the items I listed on my birthday wish list was peonies. They are my absolute favourite flower. Why? Not sure really. There’s something very luxurious about them, about they open up & have so many layered petals. They’re very delicate too. One rain shower & you’ll find peony confetti covering the garden path. One thing is certain – we’ll definitely be planting peonies in the garden when the time comes. Sadly, they probably won’t bloom for three years, but when they day, I’ll be overjoyed!


Until then I will be buying peonies whenever I see them. Unfortunately my OH couldn’t find any peonies for my birthday, as it was a bit early so when I saw some at Burford Garden Company over the weekend, I had to buy them. They’re now sitting on my desk, in pride of place! Beautiful!

What’s your favourite flower? Does anyone know a good way to preserve flowers?

Tuesday Treat – Planting Up the Pots

It’s so disappointing when we get a burst of sun and warmth, then it disappears again. It’s so difficult to get garden jobs done, when it’s cold, raining & so very windy, like it has been this past week. But I’ve been determined to bring a bit of colour into the garden so despite the miserable weather, on Saturday, I popped to the garden centre & bought a few bedding plants to pot up. I don’t have much idea when it comes to planting, I just buy what’s on offer and hope for the best!


Poppy took quite an interest in some of the plants, biting off leaves before I had a chance to even get them in the pot! I just need a bit more sunshine for them to grow and fill the pots, but it’s so nice having a few splashes of colour out among the grey.