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My First Mittens

Crafty Chai Knitted Mittens

I need to challenge my knitting skills. I don’t want to become one of those knitters who says, ‘Cable knit? Oh no I couldn’t possibly do that!’. I’ve been wanting to add other knitted goods to my Folksy page so that there’s more things on there for people to buy. Even I realise ear warmers aren’t for everyone! So armed with a patten book, I had a flick through & came across a pattern for fingerless mittens. Hmmm…I thought…how hard can they be?!

Crafty Chai Knitted MittensThe answer? Not very hard at all – even the thumb wasn’t tricky. And each mitten is the same size! They were knitted on ordinary needles & sewn up along the side. There are one or two holes from me trying to make a stitch, but I’m hoping that someone from needles & natter will help fill those in. If not, I’ll be adding some strategically placed buttons or sequins! Granted the stitches aren’t difficult – it’s just garter, stocking & rib stitch but I think they look great. They didn’t take too long either & they were completed pretty quickly while watching two rugby matches & an F1 race (& qualifying!). It’s one of the things I like about autumn & winter – an excuse to sit and knit. So family & friends, pick a colour because these could be your Christmas present! (Not kidding) x

Another Knitted Headband

Brownie Modelling the Crafty Chai Headband

But this one’s different. Even though I’m a knitter, I don’t really know or understand much about wool. This doesn’t really worry me. I go by feel. I like soft wools that remind me of autumnal days & winter nights.

Merino Wool Headband

That’s why my latest headband is slightly more expensive than previous ones (I say expensive, it’s only £6.50!). My OH picked this ball of wool because of the colour. I gave the ball of wool a squidge & knew I had to knit with it. I loved knitting with it. It was so easy. I started it on Saturday & finished it yesterday. It’s been listed on my Folksy page today. So thank you Debbie Bliss for your lovely Rialto Aran wool. Both I & Brownie thank you. x

Brownie Modelling the Crafty Chai HeadbandDo you have a favourite wool to knit with? Or maybe a favourite fabric to sew with?

My First Folksy Sales!

I spent yesterday afternoon trying to design my first web page. I was very frustrated by it but finally managed to get my text into columns. I ran up the stairs to show off my success to my OH. 'Guess what?' I said. 'You had your first folksy sale?' said my OH. 'No. I'd scream if that happened!'

Well, lo & behold about an hour later I got my first folksy sale. Someone bought one of my knitted brooches that went. It was bought by a lovely lady who was new to folksy, so we both had a first folksy experience! I did scream & run about & have been on cloud nine pretty much ever since!

So imagine my surprise when I sold the knitted headband this afternoon! I lovely lady who I follow on Twitter bought it. I can't believe it! It's such a nice feeling knowing that someone likes something that I've made! Feel free to pop over to have a look – I'm on a roll! Now I'd better go & get knitting! x

Knitted Brooch

Knitted Brooch

I’ve finally found some time to add something else to my folksy shop. I’ve wanted to add some knitted flower brooches, like the one I knitted for my headband. I had some lovely wool that I wanted to use & had bought some brooch bars from Hobbycraft a while ago.

Following  a simple pattern, each flower takes just under two hours to complete & I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. I just hope that folksy shoppers will think the same & buy some! Feel free to take a look at my folksy shop. x

Knitted Brooch