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Jo Malone Packaging

Jo Malone PackagingI don’t know about you but I love it when I buy something & it gets packaged up really nicely. I’ve noticed that a lot of Folksy & Etsy sellers do this, but so does Jo Malone. It’s not the kind of shop I visit regularly but when I do get something from there it’s a real treat. My mum bought me some perfume from there for my birthday. I didn’t open the bag for about a month! It just sat there looking pretty in my room. The assistant had sprayed some perfume onto the black tissue paper that went into the bag so my whole room smelt of it. Super lush!

When I finally opened the bag, there was so much black ribbon & black tissue paper I thought I’d died & gone to heaven. It was like the gift that kept on giving. It made me think that when I sell on Folksy I need to make sure that my packaging is lush, pretty & as environmentally friendly as possible. With that I mind I went on a hunt for recycled jewellery boxes. I stumbled across the Tiny Box Company. They had the perfect boxes so I put in an order. I think that they work a treat with my necklaces. I can’t wait for my first sale so I can wrap the little box up in some lush tissue paper & send it on its way!

Crafty Chai Necklaces

What’s your view on packaging? Do you have any great examples or fab suppliers? x

My First Knitting Commission!

My First Knitting Commission

A little while ago I opened my own Folksy shop. Not long after that I put one of my knitted headbands on it. One of my lovely friends saw my blog post about it & asked me to knit a plain one, in soft grey non-itchey wool! I couldn’t believe it! My first ever knitting commission! It was a joy to do & am so thrilled that my friend likes it. Since then another friend has asked for one! I’m really chuffed because I knit & feel like I’m getting paid for it! What a lovely way to spend my time! Thanks @itsonlyme103 x

My First Knitting Commission

Knitting on Folksy

Crafty Chai Knitted Headband

As you may know I’ve recently set up a shop on Folksy. It’s here that I’ll be selling any of my handmade goodies, mainly my jewellery & knitting. With Autumn fast approaching (today it feels like it’s arrived…brrrrrrrr!) I thought it might be a good idea to knit & sell some knitted items.

Headband Knitting PatternA while ago I bought a book full of knitting patterns so I thought that I’d check through there & see if there was anything that I was capable of. Not too far in was a pattern for a knitted headband. Perfect, I thought, a way of keeping your ears warm & your hair nice! Plus the pattern was recommended for beginners, something that I consider myself to be when it comes to knitting.

The pattern was easy to follow as it required knit stich until your knitting reached 52cms. Fab! No counting rows! I’m not very good at that as I often do my knitting in fits and starts so I’d never keep track of that.

Once I’d reached the required length I simply had to stitch it up. Knitted headband part 1: Complete!

Knitted Flower PatternThen I decided to be a bit of a dare devil & go against the pattern, something which hasn’t always been a good idea for me. But this time I knew that it would work.

Instead of the knitted bow that the headband pattern required, I thought that a nice knitted flower would look slightly better. And, as I have knitted some before for a previous project, I knew that I could do it pretty quickly & with ease.

So I picked a lovely contrasting red wool & set to work. It didn’t take too long & I think that the red looks lovely against the black/glitter headband. Once the flower was complete I simply sewed it together & sewed it onto the headband.

Simple & effective and listed here!

For my next headband I’m going to change the colours over so that the flower is black & the band is red. If no one buys it from my shop, then I will be wearing it! x

Crafty Chai Knitted Headband

A Crafty Chai on Folksy

Crafty Chai Trio Pendant

So I’ve finally done it. I’ve opened up a shop on Folksy to sell some of my silver jewellery that I’ve been making while attending jewellery-making classes.

Crafty Chai Trio Pendant The pendants are all handmade by me & I’ve tried to make them reasonably priced. I’ve bought equipment so that I can make silver jewellery at home. This is because the cost of classes has gone up by £40. I’m hoping to go to a local silversmith group so if I have any questions I can utilise their expertise but for now I’ll be making my little bits & pieces at home. Fingers crossed that I don’t burn the house down while I’m soldering away!

As well as some silver bits and pieces I hope to sell some knitted items – such as brooches, hats, headbands and maybe even socks if I get to grips to knitting with a circular needle!

Please feel free to have a look at A Crafty Chai on Folksy! Thanks x

Crafty Chai Duo Pendant