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I have found my true bliss. It’s name is Daylesford Farm. I’d heard of it from Twitter but hadn’t really looked much into it. Then, I tweeted, asking for breakfast recommendations in or around Chipping Norton. Daylesford was suggested a number of times. So I thought that it would be worth a go. I am so glad that I did!


As soon as we pulled into the car park, I knew this was my kind of place. The buildings are converted farm buildings and look great. We walked right through to the cafe at the back & I was instantly in heaven. The whole place has such a lovely, relaxed feel. The customer service in the cafe was excellent and the breakfast options were fab. I opted for the boiled eggs & soldiers with a pot of morning tea but I could have eaten most of the menu. The eggs were perfect & soft – delicious! While we were there, we had a look at their new Autumn menu & I cannot wait to go back and try it. It looks delicious.

Egg Soldiers

After breakfast we had a look around the shop. This is where I wish I had no money worries! They had loads of great kitchen and home stuff, along with great local organic food. I was especially impressed that in their cheese room (yep, you read that right!) they had listed whether their rennet was traditional or vegetarian. Good work Daylesford. We bought a few pastries, some bread and some storage jars for our fresh coffee. We had a look around the barn that sells clothes and fancy smellies – I really fell in love here. Rose oil, scented candles, knitted hot water bottle covers…heaven. Out the back they also have a spa and yoga centre. I’d love a go in both. In fact, if I could, I would go for a yoga class, have a massage, a spot of lunch, buy some fresh produce for tea & a bottle of prosecco to enjoy at home. Perfection!

It’s been a while since I’ve found somewhere that I’ve thought ‘I want everyone I know to come here’ and was thinking about all of the people I could take to Daylesford or meet up with there, just so I had an excuse to go back there. I love the ethos behind the place – everything is local, sustainable & organic. The animals have healthy happy lives & it was a pleasure to go there. Well worth a trip to.


Oliver B

There is nothing like a break from the norm is there? During my week off, my OH took me to the New Forest for a few days. I’d never been before & couldn’t believe how lovely it all was. I loved seeing the horses & cows roam freely – so much so they wouldn’t move off the pavement & created a standoff with some pedestrians – mega lol’s!

New Forest Cow

We drove down to Avon beach & spent our first day walking along the coast & eating humongous 99’s. We then headed for our hotel, The Master Builder’s Hotel at Buckler’s Hard. It was lovely. The area was outstanding & beautiful and the hotel had some amazing charm. Our hotel room was fantastic and best of all the bed was massive and comfy. I slept so well! While our breakfast, which was included, was fab & massive, our dinner, (not included) was not good value. I paid £12.50 for a cassoulet & received about a handful of beans. It was the only veggie option. They had créme brulee on the pudding menu, which I obviously had but it was at least double the size of my main! Crazy! So if you do stay there, go elsewhere to eat or pay for very expensive tiny portions.

Master Builders

Having said that, the hotel is lovely & the customer service was outstanding. And it was lovely – I wish I could’ve stayed longer.

On the second day, we walked to Beaulieu, which is a lovely little village. It’s about a 4 mile round trip between there & Buckler’s Hard and it is well worth it. The sun shone & the walk was great & totally justified me stuffing my face at breakfast! When we got back we decided to go on the Oliver B boat ride down the estuary. It was pretty reasonable at £4.50 per adult & a lovely way to finish off our little break. Though, the best bit of the boat ride was another passenger – can you spot him in the picture below? He was quite a character & had the attention of everyone on board!

Oliver B

Then it was time to head home. It was such a lovely break & if you’ve never been, then it’s well worth the trip. I didn’t want to leave! I had a lovely time – if only I could do that every week!

The Old Flight House

Old Flight House

Have I said before that I like vintage things? I like nothing more than pottering around an antiques shop. I like thinking of the different people who have owned & used the items. Where it’s come from and how many different uses it has had. Love it! So I thought I’d start my holiday with a trip to The Old Flight House. I knew that they had some new sections open too so jumped at the chance of heading there. I picked up some lovely fabric that I’m going to use to make some more laptop cases & we also bought a new shelf for the kitchen.

As they have a cafe there too, it would’ve been rude not to hang around for a bit of lunch. I tucked into a lovely cup of tea & a toasted tomato, pesto & mozzarella sandwich. My OH & I also shared a delicious portion of chunky chips – well, I was on holiday! It was all very lovely & I especially loved the chips!

Old Flight House

If you haven’t been out to The Old Flight House at Weston-on-the-Green, then it’s definitley worth going to. There are lots of lovely things to look at & buy and the cafe is worth a trip in itself. Perfect! x

Foodies Festival

Tea Flowers

On Bank Holiday Monday, I went to the Foodies Festival. I love a good food festival & had never been to this one before. Having read about it on Oxford City Guide, I thought it would be a great way to spend the day. Dressed for rain, well it is a British Summer, my OH & I set about to explore the wonders of the festival.

Foodies Festival

There were so many stalls to choose from it was difficult to know where to start! We decided on heading around the edge but we got distracted by the Drink Me Chai stand! I bought two tubs for £2 each & tried the mango flavour. I was very surprised that I liked it – I don’t normally like fruit flavours in things but it was really subtle & refreshing. The guys on the stall were great & very enthusiastic!

Tea Flowers

There was an amazing variety of fresh food stands from paella to jerk chicken to Indian takeaway. The biggest difficulty was trying to decide where to buy food from! When the rain decided to fall, we stopped at the Tregothnan Tea tent & had a very refreshing cup of tea. We then put a plan into action of how to eat the most samples in the smallest space of time! And there was plenty to try.


My favourite finds were the chutney, cheese & bread in the picture above. The cheese is lovely and not too strong, while the chutney is warming but not over powering. We also bought some Sipsmith Gin & got a free drink, which was delicious! I do love a good gin! Some of the other things we tried were a veggie pizza, a pie from Sweeny & Todd in Reading (though, sadly, no veggie pie for me!) and a candle cake. We also bought a Lancashire Bomb cheese, which we’re saving for Christmas. The only thing missing was some delicious macarons, but fortunately we stopped off at Chateau Gateau on the way back to the car & bought the beauties in the picture below. They are the BEST macarons I’ve ever tasted! It was a great day out & I can heartily recommend it.