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Tuesday Treat

Red Rose

I haven’t been feeling the craft vibe recently, as you can probably tell from my blog posts! I’ve got a few projects up my sleeve that I want to do soon, but for now, I wanted to share this beautiful rose from my garden with you.

Red Rose

This rose shouldn’t exist. It was already in the garden when we bought our house. We didn’t really do any gardening for the first year as we were busy with the inside. The rose still grew. Then my OH, with no real knowledge about how to care for roses, cut it right back. It survived a really cold winter; a really dry winter; a really wet summer. Most recently, it survived after being almost ripped from the ground during a windy storm. Then a few weeks ago, I noticed that it had buds on it. We packed earth in around the base & made sure we watered it during the heat. After a long & wet drive back from Pembrokeshire this weekend, we arrived home to the flower above. Blooming & bright in the darkness.

I have no idea what type of rose it is or how to look after it. But what I do know is, this rose is amazing and is worthy of being featured as my Tuesday Treat. x

Tuesday Treat

Homegrown Strawberry

Today’s Tuesday Treat is garden related because it’s finally sunny!

One of the reasons I’ve been waiting for summer is for my plants to grow. I’ve only got a few plants in pots as the garden is being renovated. The rain has made everything slow down, but finally, I saw a red strawberry!

Homegrown Strawberry

I know it looks a bit odd, but that’s half the charm! It was very tasty, so much nicer than the strawberries you buy in some big supermarkets. Yesterday I sat out in the garden and had to take a picture of the sky – it was blue and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! So beautiful & such a long time coming that I thought that it should be shared.

Blue Sky

How blue is that sky?! It almost makes up for the months of rain, doesn’t it?! Anyway, long may it continue because my strawberry plants are growing & the strawberries in the picture below have turned red since yesterday morning. I can’t wait to eat them!

Strawberry Plants

Green Thumb

Green Thumb Orchid

Green Thumb OrchidI think I need some gardening help! I bought this beautiful orchid & it’s lost all it’s flowers. I’m concerned that I’ve not watered it enough & then watered it too much. If anyone has any tips or pointers about how to rescue it, I would greatly welcome them.

I love orchids. They grow such a graceful looking flower that always makes me feel calm. For me, though, their delicacy & grace is always their downfall as I’m not graceful or delicate enough to get the balance of water right!

Although it could be that it didn’t get enough light in the study & that caused it to lose the flowers.

I hope I haven’t killed it 🙁

It’s not like I kill all plants. I can keep some alive & I can even grow some from seed. I received a ‘Grow your own chives’ kit from my OH’s mum for Christmas. Brilliant, I thought. I can start to practice my gardening skills before I’m let loose in the garden.

I followed all the instructions in getting the plant ready & was very impressed when I saw little shoots sprouting through the compost. I even managed to remember to move it off the windowsill, away from the single paned window when it was really cold during the night, just in case the cold managed to give the chives the kiss of death.

Chives But now I’m worried. Have I watered them too much? Have I not spoken to them enough? Has the cold somehow got through & hurt my little baby chives? Who knows! They seemed to have stopped growing for the moment. Should I eat them? Would that encourage them to grow? If anyone has any chive experience, I would very much appreciate the help! I don’t want this two examples to be an omen – I don’t think my poor garden would cope with that.