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A Washi Tape Christmas

Gift Wrapping

When it comes to gift wrapping, I really like wrapping presents in brown paper & jazzing it up a bit. Whether it’s bows, ribbons or stickers, it makes the whole process much more fun & creative. This year, I’ve been experimenting with washi tape. Not only have I added it to presents, I’ve also added it to plain paper bags to give them a bit of a festive face lift.

Gift Wrapping

What do you think? With this present, I’ve used a shop bought gift card, but it matches the colour of the tape pretty well. It just makes it a bit more exciting!

Washi Tape

Throughout the year, I collect paper bags. They’re great for giving bundles of presents to people or putting awkward presents in that you haven’t been able to wrap. This year, I’ve added some festive stickers, which are by East of India, and some tape. I like the end result – I’m reusing something, which is good & crafting it up to give it a good second life. Plus I don’t really like store bought gift bags unless they are something special, so by making my own Christmas gift bags, I’m making it a lot more personal! Usually I make my own gift cards from Christmas cards, but seem to have run out already & next year I want to make my own using brown tags, but more on that later!

Christmas Giftwrap

Because the bag isn’t full, I’ve crumpled some tissue paper into the top to fill it up a bit.

Do you have any Christmas wrapping tips? Do you reuse anything from one year to the next?

Handmade Christmas – Christmas Chocolates

Christmas Chocolates

This Christmas, my OH & I are trying to put a homemade feel on everything we give, whether its making our own gifts or stylying up bought ones & sharing the love. As we’re also on a budget this year, we’re getting crafty with our gifts.

Christmas Chocolates

Now, if there’s one chocolate that says ‘Christmas’ for me, it’s Lindt Christmas Chocolates. They are so luxurious, rich & creamy that they are a real Christmas treat. They do a huge Christmas range, including these yummy champagne flavoured ones – Champagne & chocolate, what’s not to love?!

So, we decided to split up one box of Lindt Marc de Champagne chocolates & wrap them up nicely to give to different people.

Chocolate gift wrappingHere’s how I did it:

I wanted the wrapping to look as luxurious as the chocolates so raided my fabric & ribbon stash. I used black tissue paper & mixed it with gold wrapping paper & silver organza fabric. I divided the chocolates up into groups and cut the paper to just under A4 size, with the fabric about half an inch wider.

Then position the chocolates in the centre of the paper & pull up the four corners into the middle. Wrap the excess around the middle & tie up with a matching ribbon. That’s it! Just repeat with the remaining chocolates & you’ve got some lovingly wrapped chocolates ready to give out. These are great to keep in the house, ready to give out to people who bring an unexpected gift or as a thank you for teachers, the postie or even the dog walker!

All wrapped up

I split one large box of Lindt chocolates into four different presents. Not a bad way to spread some festive cheer! I’m really pleased with how they turned out & I’m glad I’m such a ribbon hoarder, as it meant I had contrasting ribbon.

What do you think? Are you doing a handmade Christmas? Have you got any tips to share? Would love to hear about them! x