Last week saw the return of a TV gem – Great Interior Design Challenge. I stumbled across series 1 earlier in the year and it’s brilliant. It’s like Great British Bake Off crossed with Changing Rooms. It’s basically a number of different amateur interior designers who are given a challenge to redecorate a room, according to the client brief, and have two and a half days in which to complete the challenge.

For those of us who can remember Changing Rooms, it’s so much better than that. The aim is for the clients to be happy with the end result, rather than devastate them. (Anyone remember in Changing Rooms when they painted the floor and it wouldn’t dry?!) It’s really inspirational too. Having been in our house for nearly 5 years now, we’re still redecorating. At the moment, we’re working on my study, as my partner and I swapped rooms. Then we need to do his study, our hideously awful bedroom and the kitchen. As with everything, it’s all done on a budget, which is fun so I’m watching the #GIDC for inspiration!