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Tuesday Treat


This weeks Tuesday Treat is an awesome design blog that I came across through Pinterest. I’ve been looking for some design/typography blogs to follow for my cateca blog and on Friday, I came across chictype. It is by┬áSvetlana Bilenkina, who is a graphic designer & type enthusiast. Not only does she bring together great graphics from across the web, but she also showcases her work. My favourite, so far, is this awesome poster that she designed.


I love a good inspirational poster, hence my downloading of The Green Gal’s Mo Farah quote poster! Soon I’m going to need more wall space! Enjoy x

Tuesday Treat

Always believe

A few weeks ago, Gabrielle over on The Green Gal blogged about a motivational poster that she made for herself & made it available as a free download. My work space is very important & I like to have colourful, inspirational things around me. This poster does both. So I’ve printed it out and put it up my wall.

Always believe

A few weeks ago I launched my own business, cateca, and have been really overwhelmed by the opportunities that keep coming my way. I’m really enjoying myself & truly agree with the poster – You just have to believe it! x

Treat Time

I’ve been working pretty hard of late, and I’ll let you know what on when everything is ready. But I thought that I needed a bit of a treat. So when I saw that the lovely Gabrielle was giving away a free gift with every purchase from her shop The Green Gables┬áto celebrate the first anniversary of working for herself, I knew where to go.

I’ve bought a few things from The Green Gables in the past. I really like what Gabrielle does and the colours that she uses so this was the pefect opportunity.

Green Gal Stationery

I bought some of the decorative sticky tape because it looks so nice on parcels. Whether I’m posting something to my mum or a customer, I’m going to use this! I also wanted a set of the cards. I love these images so much. I already have the typewriter on a notebook but wanted some of the others too. I’m going to put some up in my study but some I’ll use to send to friends.

My free gift was the lovely flowers notebook. As a stationary geek, I know you can never have too many notebooks. And I needed a new lighter one to carry around with me all the time – You never know when inspiration might strike!

Congratulations Gabrielle on producing such lovely products & thank you so much for my free gift! You know I’ll be back – already have my eye on iPhone cover! x

Stationery Geek

I have a real passion for stationery. I am a stationery geek & I’m not ashamed to admit it. If I’m having a bad day, buying a new pen will cheer me right up! But that’s not why I made this most recent purchase. I pretty much love everything Gabriel over at The Green Gal does. But I have to limit my buying of stationery or I’ll be overrun with it!

However, when I saw her new range of notebooks, I knew I’d never be able to resist so treated myself to this lovely vintage typewriter one.

Typewriter notebook

I’m not sure what I’ll put in it but it’s bound to be craft related…blog ideas or jewellery designs or something like that. I love it so much! For the moment, I’m just keeping it on my desk & looking at it! x