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Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

After a lovely mooch about Copenhagen, where we discovered some amazing vegan food places (more on that later), we headed to Tivoli Gardens. I wasn’t that bothered about going there, after all, it’s basically an amusement park and at 99dk (£9.90) entrance fee, I was worried it be a waste of money. Boy was I wrong! It was A Mazing! Every guide book, website and blog recommended coming here and I can see why. Everything about it was epic. It’s much more than an amusement park. There’s a theatre, a number of restaurants as well as loads of cabins selling food, knick knacks and everything you could ever need for Halloween.

Pumpkin head Pumpkins at Tivoli Tivoli Palace Giant pumpkins Giant pumpkin Halloween at Tivoli Gardens Jack Olantern pagoda pumpkins in the water Tivoli gardens at night Tivoli copenhagen Tivoli gardensWe were there as the sun was setting and it was magnificent. The lights from the different rides were spectacular and every where smelt of toffee apples and popcorn. We looked around a few of the shops that were there but mainly we walked and enjoyed the sights and the smells of the Gardens. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. We didn’t go on any rides (not my thing at all) but because the Halloween decorations were so elaborate and the whole place decorated so beautifully, it was lovely just to walk around taking pictures.

About half way through our time there, and we were there for a good few hours, (making the most of our entrance fee!), we started getting peckish. Very few places had anything to offer my vegan diet, but we turned a corner and discovered a Wagamama so we ate in there, as I knew that there would definitely have some hearty vegan fare for us. It was the perfect dinner and helped us keep going around the gardens for a little while longer. We left with fully bellies and were suitably warmed.

The displays and celebrations change throughout the year and their Christmas festivities look fantastic. Wish we were going back for that! If you’re going to Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is definitely worth a visit.

#BEDN ~ Light

You never really miss light until it’s gone. Since reorganising my study, I’ve really noticed the fact that it doesn’t have a ceiling light and it’s rubbish. Plus, despite autumn being my favourite season, I definitely miss the daylight, which is why Jack O’lanterns and holidays in the sunshine are always a welcome relief.

Halloween Freshwater West Sundog 1) Bringing light in is so important and you can’t be plenty of candles in winter // 2) I love looking at this picture of my favourite beach from home, Freshwater West, in the brilliant sunshine // 3) Rome in October was amazing. Glorious sunshine during the day, chilly autumn nights, decorated with beautiful lights // 4) Poppy the sun dog always finds the sunniest spot in the house // 5) The Blue Lagoon in Iceland during an amazing December holiday there a few years ago. Only a few hours of daylight, black volcanic rocks & the  milky white water – a proper snowy adventure!