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Tuesday Treat – Holidays

I don’t think I appreciated how great holidays were until I didn’t have a proper, full on week away for a number of years. No half measures, no sneaky checking-into-work, just a week of chilling out, doing our own thing. That’s what we did last week and it was awesome! We went down to Cadgwith Cove in Cornwall, which is a lovely fishing village on the Lizard. (I’ll go into more detail about our fab Cornish holiday in future blog posts).

Cadgwith CoveIt was our first proper holiday in years and as far as we know, it was Poppy’s first holiday. I think it’s fair to say we all had a fabulous time! The weather wasn’t great, but we walked, we relaxed and spent time together. We saw some amazing views and ate some great food – it was just what we all needed.

I’m already looking forward to next years holiday & am going to make sure I take more time off throughout the year. We didn’t quite have a digital detox, but both my OH and I reduced the amount of time we spent online, hence the lack of posts last week (plus, I ran out of time to schedule them in advance!) I’ve decided that holidays aren’t a luxury – they are essential, no matter where you go or what you do. They are vital at helping you take a break from life and are therefore a necessity in my book!

Tuesday Treat


I am just getting back into work after my first full week off in too long. And it has been lovely! So lovely in fact that I’m going to rethink the way I work & try and have more time off – isn’t that the benefit of working for yourself? Anyway, I did the usual on my week off – slept in, ate & drank what I wanted, read, knitted, rewatched Harry Potter (Love those films!) & generally had a lovely time. Though the favourite bit of my holiday was the few days we spent in the New Forest. On the first day, we headed to the coast. Being from Pembrokeshire, I miss the coast & the smell of the sea so going to the beach was essential. We spent some time on Avon Beach & came across this little beauty.


The sun wasn’t out for our whole visit to the beach, but it was out for plenty of it. Sadly, we only spent two days away, and while it was bliss when we were there, it certainly wasn’t long enough & I cannot wait until we’re in the New Forest, or anywhere else for that matter, again. How great are holidays?! Even if you don’t go anywhere exotic, they are so good for you! Love a good holiday!