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Personalising a Bathroom Cabinet

Sometimes you can be looking for something for your home & not quite find what you’re looking for or you want to put your own spin on something to personalise it and give it a bit of meaning. This is what the lovely folk over at The Bathstore asked me to do with this wall cabinet. Our bathroom has a nautical theme, so I wanted to go with blueish tones and as I’ve recently come back from holiday by the coast, I wanted to bring a bit of the sea into the bathroom. Some of my favourite holidays have included water, whether it was the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, sailing on the Seine in Paris or walking by the Hudson River in New York. I knew I wanted to include travel in my design in some way and there’s nothing better than soaking in the tub, daydreaming about holidays & far away lands! Here’s what I came up with:

blue stamps

stamp waves


Finished cupboard

I created waves out of from a selection of stamps I’ve recently inherited. I picked out lots of blue stamps, of all different shades, as well as some green ones to replicate the waves of the oceans. I stuck them onto card, cut the wave shapes out & stuck them to the mirror. I didn’t want the waves covering the whole of the mirror, as that can be quite frustrating when you want to use it! I also used an old OS map to create bubbles to go up the sides of the cabinet to tie in the idea of travel and soaking for ages in a bubble bath, planning adventures in lands far, far away!

I love working with paper so personalising this cabinet was really great fun. I got covered in glue, but am pretty happy with the end result. If you were going to personalise something for your bathroom, what would it be and how would you do it?

Pimping a plant pot

One of the items I got in the Crafty Fox Box a month or so ago was some pink tape. This tape is a great example of why subscription box like this is so great. If you’re on a budget, trying new crafts can be really tricky. And it’s one of the reasons I really liked my Crafty Fox Box. I got lots of bits and pieces that I’d never think to buy myself. Plus it’s made me think about how to different things with craft materials. So, with that in mind, I set about pimping up a plant pot. The original plant that came in the pot didn’t survive (oops!) but I planted up my succulents in it and I think it looks great!

plain potThe original pot is plain white so I wanted to add some colour by adding the pink tape.

Pink tapeI really like the wide tape and added three stripes in total. I cut a dart in the tape at the bottom so it would sit properly.

wide pink tapeNot too bad eh?! It’s amazing what a little bit of tape can do to help pimp up a plant pot!

Have you got any tips for jazzing up any other household items? Let me know!



Creating a Picture Display

I’ve been collecting a few different pictures together. Most of my pictures live on my phone, so I got together some old ones, along with a few prints that I’ve bought recently because I want to create a photo wall in my study. Initially, I’d wanted quite modern black frames, but photo frames are expensive when you need to get a lot. So, inspired by Kirstie Allsopp’s ‘Fill your home for Free’ programme, I headed to a local charity shop and got a few mismatched frames. They were £1 each and because they don’t match, it means I can add to them in the future.

Picture frames

It turns out that lots of people who donate to charity shops don’t clean their donations! So the first thing I had to do was clean and polish the frames. I’d taken the pictures I wanted to frame with me to the charity shop so I knew that they would fit, though some needed mounts to make the most of the pictures. I wanted to have a go at making my own, instead of searching for ones that fit and are the right colour. I grabbed my cutting mat, my craft knife, my watercolour book and my trusty old ruler that I’ve had since secondary school!

make your own mountI drew around the pictures that I needed mounts for to create a template then measured the space that I needed to cover. Using my craft knife, I cut along the lines. Like most things, my cutting wasn’t perfectly straight, but straight enough to sit inside the frame. I used watercolour paper because it’s thicker than paper, but it has a nicer texture than card.

Mounted picture

I like how the picture looks with the mount, but I think I might change the colour or add some washi tape to make it stand out a bit. All that’s left now is to figure out how to display them on the wall, what pattern to go for. I’ve got some embroidery hoops that I want to add to the mix as well, so I’m going to be searching Pinterest for a few ideas! If you’ve got any tips, let me know!

How to brighten up a dark hallway

We’ve done an awful lot of work on our house in the three years that we’ve been here. However, one area that remained the same was the hall. It was an uninteresting light peach. Gross! Not only that, one of the door frames (which is now door free) was pretty badly damaged and needed repair. Also, the front of our house is incredibly dark, while the back of the house gets all the light. So whatever we needed to do, it had to maximise the tiny amount of light that it got.

poppy hall
Forgive my shoddy camera work in this picture! I was trying to make sure Poppy was in focus!

I started off adding layers of wood filler to the damaged wood frame. I’m so annoyed that I didn’t take a before & after picture, because the change is quite dramatic. You’d never be able to tell where it was damaged now! For the colour scheme, all we wanted was something light. We’ve used light reflecting paint in other parts of the house, but we aren’t convinced it makes any difference. Plus, it’s more expensive than normal paint. So we went with a plain old white paint for the walls. We didn’t want the woodwork to be white, so went with a light grey. After the first coat of the light grey, it was obvious that it was too light & it just didn’t work. So I headed back to Homebase and got some of their own brand Dove Grey and it’s just the ticket. We also painted the back of the front door in a bid to make the hall feel lighter. It wasn’t painted before, so was a dark brown and seemed to make the hall feel even darker. It’s made a massive difference to how the hall feels.

painted door

Ideally, we’d like to replace the door with one that has a bigger window, but we’ve run out of money! So we’re stuck with this one for a while longer. As you can see in the picture, the walls are artexed. A previous owner really, really, really loved that look and most of the walls were covered in it. When we moved in we needed a damp course so got some of the walls replastered. But as funds are tight, replastering the hall and other parts where it remains are not a priority so we’re stuck with it!

Lighten a dark hallway

I still haven’t found the perfect lampshade for the hall, but I’ll keep looking. The important thing is that we’ve given it a fresh look, made it lighter and got rid of the hideous peach that was there before. We’ve put our stamp on every room in the house now, as much as we can anyway. Now we’re looking around at the rooms we did when we first moved in and thinking about how much we’d like to change them. We’re saving hard to rebuild our DIY funds so until then there’s not much we can do. Unless we win the lottery of course!