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Lassco Three Pigeons

Stained Glass

I love a good mooch about an antique centre. It’s like a step back in time & it’s great seeing lots of old bits & pieces and imagining them in my home. Last Saturday we went to Lassco Three Pigeons at Great Milton, Oxfordshire. The thing I like about Lassco is that they always have something new, something you’ve never seen before, something that you’d expect to see in a stately home so it’s always a real adventure! We were on the look out for a few things – new tiles for my fireplace, lampshades, birthday presents for me and anything we can find for the garden. We did pretty well!

ButterflyI was drawn to the framed images of butterflies that they had upstairs. I’d seen some lovely ones in Home Barn, but sadly, they were out of my price range. These are much more affordable and really lovely. We also saw a gorgeous set of green tiles for the fireplace but we’re just deciding whether it’s worth replacing the ones we have. We’ve already got a lot of work to do in cleaning it up! Plus it’s missing it’s basket on the front, so it was great to get advice on whether it’s worth doing or not.

Stained Glass

We saw this gorgeous stained glass, which I really love – just wish we had somewhere to put it! We also saw these prison doors, which were really unusual. Walking around outside is a real experience. They have lots of things that are amazing & I think they do a real service by salvaging all that they do.

Prison DoorsThey had lots of great things for the garden. We’re looking for something to edge the borders & they had quite a few things so we’ll be back once we’ve taken the measurements. We’d like to use reclaimed materials as much as possible. Not only is it great to recycle, but it also makes the garden a bit more interesting.


After a good look around, we stopped in the cafe for a bite to eat. I ordered scrambled egg on toast and a pot of tea. I was very impressed when my pot of tea came with a second pot of hot water. I loved this! I remember this happening a lot when I was younger but it seems to have gone out of fashion. As a massive tea addict, I want my pot of tea to last as long as possible so this was a real treat. I was even more impressed when my lunch came out – the eggs were piled high on thick cut toast. There was so much of it, I couldn’t finish it. Very tasty, great value for money & service with a smile. We’ll definitely be heading back!

John Lewis Home Wish List

Regular readers will know that my OH & I are planning a few home improvements. I love going to shops & looking around at the different pieces of furniture & imagining how they would look in our home. One of my favourite places to go is John Lewis. This is because they have everything I could possibly want under one roof: stationery, furniture, bed linen & cake. What’s not to love about that?!

We recently visited our local John Lewis & had a look at some of their new collections. Here’s a round up of some of the things I’d really, really like.

Penelope Task Lamp

desk lampI need a new desk lamp, desperately. I’ve had the same paper Ikea one since I was in uni, which, sadly, was quite a long time ago now. We saw these lamps in the store and I think it would really look great on my desk. I love the vintage style and really like the duck egg blue colour.

The Sixty One Armchair


We’re in desperate need of a new armchair & I really like the idea of owning something with a retro feel but modern comfort. I also really like the mustard colour of this chair and as our lounge is painted a neutral colour & has a grey sofa, I think this would work really well.

Wayne Hemmingway Tea Storage Tin

Tea tinI was given some Cath Kidston storage jars a number of years ago. Sadly, they’ve not fared well & need replacing. I want this! I love the whole range by Wayne Hemmingway & think they’d work really well in our kitchen… when we finish it!

Melin Tregwynt St David’s Cross Throw

MT ThrowWe desperately need some throws for our sofa to help protect them from Poppy’s paws. I love this throw from Melin Tregwynt, but it’s far too pretty to have muddy paws walk all over it!

Orla Kiely Rhododendron Duvet Cover


I am a huge Orla Kiely fan & would love to have a new duvet cover. I really like this pattern & the colours in it. We’re starting to plan the redecoration of our bedroom, so I’m on the look out for colours, furniture & furnishings to help give me inspiration. This duvet cover definitely hits the spot!

Stride 4 Drawer Chest


Our bedroom furniture is dreadful. It’s the only room we haven’t put much thought into & we hate it! I’ve been looking through the different ranges in John Lewis and can’t decide between the Downton range or the Stride range. We need a new chest of drawers, wardrobes & bed, as well as a lot of elbow grease to get the wood chip off the walls. Yep. Wood chip  *shudders*

Lotta Jansdotter Ranka Scented Candle Jar


How cute is this candle? In my opinion, you can never have too many candles & one thing I’m aware of since having Poppy is that I don’t want the house to smell too much of ‘dog’! So I’m on the look out for scented candles & I love this one. (Did I mention I have a birthday coming up?!)

There is something very satisfying about redecorating, getting jobs done & planning on different things to put in your home. We’ve got a few jobs that we hope to achieve this summer so I’ll make sure to update on all our achievements!

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Liberty Home Department Launch 2013


This morning I have been along to the launch of Liberty‘s Homeware department, which includes their new Outdoor Living section. I warn you – I’m going to gush, quite a bit, about how great the products are. But they are. The floor is filled with beautiful furniture, plush cushions and fabric and amazing outdoor pieces. I took a lot of photographs & had a really good look around. If you want to add splashes off colour to your home, then you need to have a look around Liberty. Similarly, if you want your garden furniture and garden to blend seamlessly, then you have to visit the outdoor living area.

The home wares team at Liberty have handpicked an eclectic and inspiring selection of designers, artisans and artists. This means that you can go to Liberty and see different things for your home & garden. While they’re following the trend of bright bold soft furnishings, you can have something unique for your home, which is what you’d expect from somewhere like Liberty.

With designers like Donna Wilson, Rory Dobner and Astier De Villate nestled alongside Moorcroft and pieces sourced by Patch Rogers and Drew Pritchard, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a unique shopping experience.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces


Astier de Villatte

Leather ArmchairTypewriter









Vintage Cans

Blankets and tablesOrla Keily Lamp

I had a lovely time at the launch and got a ton of ideas for my home and garden. I love the way that Liberty has got a real mixture of old and new and it all works really well. My favourite two things were the Orla Kiely designed lamps. I love her designs. I like patterns and love the combinations she uses. My second favourite thing was the old leather armchair. Leather armchairs need to be broken into so when you come across one that is, it’s a real gem. Plus I’m on the look out for two awesome armchairs and would buy this one in a heart beat, if I had the cash!

Liberty has always been a reason to visit London. Now, it’s almost like visiting a museum as well. The way everything is displayed, it’s almost like taking a tour of Pitt Rivers Museum! But you can take the artifacts home!


Tuesday Treat

Mini Moderns

Like many of you, I’ve been really enjoying Kirstie’s Vintage Home. Not only does it inspire me when looking around at the bits of my home that I don’t like, but also because it has been championing British shops. But that’s not the reason for it being part of my Tuesday Treat. The focus of this weeks Tuesday Treat is this beautiful wallpaper below. It’s designed by the amazing Rob Ryan & can be found on the Mini Moderns website.

Mini Moderns

The couple in the first episode used it throughout their bedroom. Fancy eh? At £50 a roll, I don’t think I’ll be doing that, but I’d definitely like to use it on my feature wall. It’s the right colour blue that I’d like to use for the bedroom & gives a great feeling of calm – perfect for the bedroom! It’s inspired me to create a new Pinterest board for the bedroom, as ours is currently super uninspiring! Where as this would make all the difference! Beautiful, isn’t it?!

Have you been watching the show? What have you seen that’d you like in your home?