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Holiday Ideas 2016

There’s nothing like a ever growing to-do list to make you dream of your holiday. Last year, we were a bit slap dash about holidays and didn’t have an overall plan of where we wanted to go so everything was last minute and we didn’t plan them well, with the exception of my birthday holiday to the New Forest. We didn’t spend long enough in Copenhagen and we didn’t go away during the summer holidays, which meant I spent most of them watching Netflix!

This year, I’m torn between going to new places and revisiting a few favorites. I know I should probably explore new places, but we’re lucky in that we’ve been to some fabulous places that almost feel like home. Here are the top three places I’d like to visit again:



It’s been over a year since we last visited Cornwall and I miss it immensely. The Lizard, which is my favourite part, is like no where else I’ve ever been and I could happily spend days walking along the coast, rain or shine, heading back to a cosy cottage for a cheeky Cornish cider and chips.

The New Forest

New ForestI was well and truly spoilt with my glamping birthday present last year. We spent a lovely few days walking along the coast and through the forest before heading back to our little hut. I’ve never walked so far in my life but I enjoyed every single moment of it, even if I needed to climb down a ladder for a wee in the night! Even though we walked a lot, there are still plenty of lovely places that I’d like to explore.


IcelandIceland is PCC – Pre Crafty Chai! We booked our holiday about 24 hours before their economy collapsed, just under 10 years ago, but that didn’t deter us one little bit. We visited over Christmas and spent a wonderful few days in Reykjavik. The highlight for me was visiting the Blue Lagoon and experiencing hail while floating in warm and cosy water. There’s a lot of Iceland that we didn’t explore and I would love to go back to see more of the island.

Having said that, visiting new places is always such fun so on my travel wish list are:

  • Berlin – the best place to be a vegan Europe
  • The Lake District – so many great dog walks to be had here
  • Sweden – We were so close to here when we were in Copenhagen and I do regret not popping over to Malmo while we there.

I still can’t make up my mind about where to go, though I do need to see what the budget will stretch to. Doubt it’ll stretch to all those places, eh?!

#BEDN ~ Light

You never really miss light until it’s gone. Since reorganising my study, I’ve really noticed the fact that it doesn’t have a ceiling light and it’s rubbish. Plus, despite autumn being my favourite season, I definitely miss the daylight, which is why Jack O’lanterns and holidays in the sunshine are always a welcome relief.

Halloween Freshwater West Sundog 1) Bringing light in is so important and you can’t be plenty of candles in winter // 2) I love looking at this picture of my favourite beach from home, Freshwater West, in the brilliant sunshine // 3) Rome in October was amazing. Glorious sunshine during the day, chilly autumn nights, decorated with beautiful lights // 4) Poppy the sun dog always finds the sunniest spot in the house // 5) The Blue Lagoon in Iceland during an amazing December holiday there a few years ago. Only a few hours of daylight, black volcanic rocks & the  milky white water – a proper snowy adventure!


Tuesday Treat

Knitting Iceland

Last week I discovered a new knitting website – Knitting Iceland. This pleases me for two reasons. 1: I love to knit. 2: I LOVE Iceland. We went to Iceland a few years ago & I would go back in a heart beat. It’s a great place to visit during the winter, where they only have daylight for a few hours and it snowed on Christmas Day! It was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.

Knitting Iceland

Plus, one of my favourite jumpers is from Iceland and I’d love to be able to knit one. I’m pretty sure that this website, and the tutorials on Ravelry and Craftsy will help make that dream happen! A must site for all Knitters!