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Christmas Cake – The Finished Article

Christmas Cake

A little while ago I blogged about my first ever Christmas cake. In the rush that was November & December (what was that all about?!) I forgot about my cake. Yep, this means that my Christmas cake was pretty alcohol free. Shocking isn’t it!

About three days before Christmas eve I opened the tin that the cake was in, expecting a mouldy mess. Fortunately, it was fine. I frantically bought marzipan &, please don’t yell at me, ready made and ready rolled icing. I know, I know! That’s so cheating! But we had to buy and make Christmas dinner for five people! So I cheated but it looked great and saved me a lot of tears. By the time I got around to icing it, I had an audience – My mum, sister and brother all watched me get in a pickle with the marzipan. I used marmalade instead of apricot jam, which turned out okay. Icing it was really easy. I managed to get a reasonably smooth surface.

Because Christmas kind of snuck up on me, I didn’t have any decorations. So I had to improvise. I dyed some icing (& my hands) bright green for holly. I tried making red berries but that didn’t work! So I used some silver balls & silver glitter to finish it off.

Christmas Cake

I think it looks okay. A simple festive cake. The cake itself is a little dry so I might use a different cake recipe. Any tips would be greatly received! How was your Christmas cake? What decorations did you use? x


Crafty Birthday

Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes It was my OH’s sisters birthday the other day so naturally I took it upon myself to make some cakes. They had to be the best ones I’ve ever made. I think I’ve finally got my oven sussed (it can be a bit temperamental!) so that the cakes were cooked really well.

I think I’ve also got the recipe down to a T. I use the Hummingbird Bakery recipe for the vanilla & chocolates cupcakes & frosting. I know my icing still needs a bit of work & I’d like to get more piping equipment to vary how they look. But I was happy with how they turned out & they went down well!

Bee Birthday Card The other thing I made for the birthday was this birthday card (I’d forgotten to buy one – busy week!) so thought I could use my stencil magic!

I made a bit of an error on my first attempt so resorted to some previous bees that I’d stenciled ages ago. I then cut them out of my sketch book & straightened the edges with my little guillotine. I then used some contrasting craft paper as the backing paper. I used some double sided sticking tape. This worked fab as it meant that everything stuck well & the card didn’t warp like it does with other types of glue.

I’d really like to make more cards & like the look & feel of stenciled cards though I need a greater variety of stencils.

I’d also like to have a go at making my own decorative tape, as seen on the lovely Ginger & George blog. Need to stock up on some paper first. Oh well, what a chore!