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Pinterest Friday

Isn’t the weather amazing at the moment?! It’s gloriously hot & the country looks amazing, lots of lush greens and wild flowers all over. Beautiful! This Friday I’d thought I’d do another Pinterest post, rounding up some of the beautiful & inspirational images I’ve been repinning over on my boards.








cold chocolate{source}


I hope these images bring a smile to your face on this sunny summers day! Have a good weekend!

Introducing Pinterest!

I’ve been on Pinterest a while and use it daily for a variety of things. I am so familiar with it that I forget that other people might not be! Pinterest is basically an online scrapbook, a tool for collecting and organising the things you love, where you can collate different images from an online source. Not only does it help you organise all the great things you see on different websites & blogs, but it helps to link back to the orginial image as much as possible so you can find out how to make that great skirt in the image you just pinned becuase it links back to the tutorial. Plus Pinterest are releasing updates all the time. These updates have really improved my experience a lot lately. It’s quick & easy to pin, search and now you can send a pin to someone! I think this is fantastic! You see something someone might like or a present you want to hint at! Click on send and it’ll send the image to the person you’ve selected. Planning a surprise party or a collating a birthday list but want to keep it secret? No problem! You can have up to 3 secret boards that only you & the people you choose to share it with can see! Awesome!

PIF Badge 200

But this is just the tip of the iceberg  It’s a great way to collect & keep ideas, information, images, recipes – whatever you want really. You create boards that reflect what interests you, whether it’s food, tea, cakes, cars, photography, knitting or even pugs! Yep, pugs!

Pug Pinterest board

Personally, I use Pinterest for a number of different things. I use it to collect ideas ranging from craft, knitting, home and garden to pictures of pretty things that cheer me up when I’m having a bad day. I have a range of boards including my knitting board (full of beautiful knits and patterns), temptations (scrummy food that I’d like to eat, not cook!) and a board full of images of places that I’ve been to or want to go to. Click on the image below to have a look at my boards. You can follow them all or just ones that interest you.


If you aren’t on Pinterest but would like to join me over there, then just click here to start your Pinterest addiction. Be warned! Many a few hours have been lost by many people exploring all the pretty things that people have pinned over there! Plus I’d like to introduce Fiona Parker who has some amazing boards over on Pinterest. You can find out more about her & what she crafts over on her blog. And I’d like to thank Rosie over on DIY Couture for introducing me yesterday! Thanks Rosie!

Happy Pinning everyone!

Pinterest Friday

Chin Chin

Wow! How quick has this week gone? Love a four day week, as it means getting to the weekend even quicker. I’ve got a few DIY plans for the weekend, weather permitting! I get a lot of ideas from Pinterest so here are a few images that I’ve loved & pinned this week.


Cottage GardenSource


Chin Chin






I hope these beautiful images brighten your day a bit – it’s very grey here in Oxfordshire. Fingers crossed the sun visits us tomorrow! Have a great day!

Pinterest Party – Bloggers Meet & Greet

My name is

Last night I attended the Pinterest Meet & Greet party in London. Pinterest are working on spreading the Pinterest word here in the UK so invited lots of bloggers to a party in London. It gave all of us bloggers a chance to meet with other people, both from within our own blogging community and those who write about other areas of interest. Plus we got free food & drink – what’s not to love about that?!

My name is

Upon arrival I was given a name badge & a goodie bag, which contained tokens for some very delicious looking cocktails & a Pinterest t-shirt! Awesome! Then I stopped by the bar to get myself sorted & grab a red wine. I met up with someone who I’d chatted with at the previous Pinterest event. We had a quick chat & he then introduced me to some other pinners. After talking about our blogs, I ventured off to have a mooch about. Here’s what I found: Sweets & flowers!


FlowersThe Make Lounge were also there with a cake pop decorating stall & a shot glass decorating stall. After a while, we were given a talk by Evan Sharp, co-founder of Pinterest. His speech was really interesting, as he explained the background to Pinterest and how it’s grown over the years. It was really touching to see how a simple idea can grow into something so amazing!

Evan Sharpe

After a little bit more chatting, well it was a meet & greet, and finding out about some new changes to Pinterest it was time to head home. It was a lovely evening and I got to meet some great bloggers, The Magic Bean and Poires au Chocolat – well worth checking out their blogs & Pinterest boards!

Pin it forward

For more information on the work that Pinterest is doing in the UK, check back here or follow #pinitforwarduk on Twitter.