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Tuesday Treat – The People Shop

Isn’t it great when you discover someone new to follow on Twitter? Even better when they run a shop full of gorgeousness? Well, that’s what’s happened to me this week when I discovered The People Shop and this lovely little thing, one of many lovely products I could happily spend my money on!

cute tweety birdI can’t remember who put me on to them, but if it was you, then thank you! They have a lovely B&M shop as well as the online one and they make and sell some amazing products, either made by them or designers they love. Being creative is a way of life them and that in itself is inspirational.

What do you think? Which is your favourite product? Oh, I could buy them all!

Tuesday Treat

A bit late in the day today, but here’s my Tuesday Treat for this week and it’s another fabulous online shop that also has a real B&M shop in Camden Passage. Such a fab area!

I can’t remember how I came across Smug, but I know it was through Twitter (another reason I love it so!) Smug sells all my favourite things, from Pug cards to badger cushions, to guinea pig tea towels and wooden owls.


The image above is taken from their range of cards. Aren’t they cool? I can’t wait to visit Camden Passage again and pop into Smug. It’ll be difficult not to buy all the badger related items, but I’ll give it a go!

Independent Chipping Norton


It was a lovely Autumn day on Saturday. The sun was shining, showing off the lovely golden colours of the leaves on the trees. I knew exactly where I wanted to go – Chipping Norton. I used to live near there & hadn’t been back in some time. There were a few new shops that I’ve been desperate to go to. Another reason I wanted to go was because Mark-Making were holding an Instagram exhibition. I love Instagram & was keen to see some of their photos in print. The exhibition was great and it was so cool to see how impressive Instagram pictures can look printed. I’ve definitely been inspired to print some of mine! As we had 2 hours free parking (hear that Oxford City Council?!), we headed to the shops. First stop was Fibreworks. I’d read about this lovely little wool shop on Twitter and on some blogs. It was lovely & I was in the market for some new 10mm needles, which they had. In fact they had a few to choose from.

Giant Knitting

I settled on these lovelies to knit this chunky blue wool that I bought a few weeks ago. I could’ve spent ages looking at the different patterns and wools they had. It’s such a great shop and they do lots of classes & workshops. A real gem of a shop. On our way to the bookshop, we stopped by the Cotswold Deli & Cheese shop and picked up some delicious macarons, my favourite treat. Finally we headed to Jaffé and Neal for some cake, coffee and book shopping. They hav lots of lovely bits and pieces as well as the latest books. My OH bought two new books and we sat in the sunny window, enjoying coffee and cake. I had a brownie, while my OH had the victorian sponge. Recently, all the brownies I’ve had have been really over the top, including one which had huge chunks of chocolate. Far too sickly. I’m very pleased to report that this one was perfect. Not too gooey or too chocolately. Just right!


Between Daylesford Farm in the morning & supporting independent shops in Chipping Norton, I had a lovely Saturday. It’s good to see so many Oxfordshire market towns thriving. Keep it up Chippy!


Another excellent shop in Chipping Norton is the Arctic Fish Bar on the hill out of town. We didn’t shop there on Saturday, but they are hands down the best chips I’ve ever eaten (and I’ve eaten plenty!). Well worth a visit if you’re ever near.

Enjoy! x

Tuesday Treat

Leather Satchel

I’ve been wanting to do a regular weekly post for a while, as I’ve noticed that lots of people do them. It’s a good way to get regular readers but if you find something nice on line, then it’s a good way to share it. So I’ve decided to do a weekly post called Tuesday Treat, where I’ll post something that is some kind of treat – whether it’s a lovely image, an inspiring quote or a treat for you tummy or your wardrobe! Here goes!

This weeks Tuesday Treat is a link to this amazing shop: French & English Confectioner’s. I found them on Etsy & instantly favourited their shop. They make amazing luxury leather goods, but at reasonable prices. All the items are classic designs but made so that they look modern & cool. The bag below is my ultimate favourite & at £68 is pretty reasonable, as it will never go out of style. Why not take a look? x

Leather Satchel