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Handmade Applique iPhone Case

handmade case

I’ve been really inspired by the Great British Sewing Bee. I will never be at that level – I don’t have the patience! But I like making things & being creative. So after I made my applique cushion cover, I decided to make a case for my iPhone. I’ve been meaning to do one for a while, even attempted a few but couldn’t get my measurements right. (Maths was never my strong point!) So I went freestyle. I took some basic measurements & sketched out my design, borrowed some techniques from the cushion cover & set to work.

cut up fabricI used the same linen fabric that I had made the cushion out of and then used the same applique technique to create the fabric chevrons. This was a lot trickier tho, as I didn’t create a template & it was really difficult to get the paper backing off the wonderweb. I used my phone as a template & cut the fabric round. I know! It’s not very technical but it worked!

front and back

I sewed the fabric pieces together, inserted some wadding, said a small prayer & hemmed the sides. This is usually where things come unstuck. Either the case is too small or too big or my sewing is a bit dodgy, but I checked throughout to make sure that the phone would fit inside easily. And guess what – it did.

finished case

I have to admit I am really pleased. I love this Liberty fabric and against the linen it really pops! The edges of the chevrons aren’t great, but they were really awkward. Plus I made this! What’s not to love about something homemade and unique?

handmade case

iphone case I’m so pleased! So many times, I try to make something using my sewing machine & something doesn’t go right. This time everything went really well. Very happy! What can I make next?

A Crafty Present

Suezybees iPhone Case

As you know I was given the first issue of Mollie Makes magazine. With came a free crafty gift – A make your own smart phone cover. It is a great idea but I already have something similar from suezybees at  Suezybees iPhone Case Folksy (seen here). But this didn’t stop me wanting to make it. Fortunately my sister needed a case & had a birthday coming up so I thought I’d make it for her.

Have a look at how I got on. I really enjoyed making it & it took me about 3 hours from start to finish. I’m very much a beginner at this kind of thing but was able to complete it. Let me know what you think!Mollie Makes Phone Case Kit