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Tuesday Treat – Debbie Bliss Homeware

The other day @BigWoollyBum tweeted about these gorgeous mugs from Debbie Bliss. I happen to be a mug addict and have to restrict myself to a one-in, one-out policy when it comes to mugs. Fortunately, there are a few other items featuring the different stitches that I can easily sneak into the kitchen!

stocking stitch mugI love the colours that they come in, as well as the fact that they’re a little bit different. I can’t wait to see what else they do next. I also love the Harris Tweed collection of knitting accessories. I like that the needle roll has space for circular needles and other bits and bobs that I always seem to be searching for! Great idea – will be adding that to my ‘must buy’ list!

#BEDN ~ Hobbies

My main hobby is knitting. The main reason I like it is you can do it anywhere, including in front of the TV while drinking wine. What’s not to love about that?! I’d say I was an intermediate knitter, but I’ve still got lots to learn. I’m also quite a slow knitter and I don’t really like knitting to order. I like to knit what I want, when I want. At the moment, I’ve got a few wip’s, including an ear warmer and a jumper. Hopefully I’ll finish them before the end of winter, but there are no guarantees!

Purple skein


I like making things to wear, like the hat and scarf below. I like knowing there’s no one else wearing the same one as me and I like the fact that a few balls of wool became something wearable.

Handmade hat

bunny nuggets

I also love these bunny nuggets that I made – one for me, one for my sister, a few years ago. They make great Easter gifts or if you just need to make someone smile! I won’t lie to you, they are a little fiddly (I prefer chunky knitting – it’s quicker & easier) but I think you’ll agree that these cheeky fellows are worth it!

I also love a bit of paper craft, as and when the mood strikes, and still make silver jewellery occasionally, though not for a while. I like sewing too, but knitting is the one thing I go back to again and again. I would like to learn how to crochet, and may learn next year, but it’s gotta’ be better than knitting to take the number one spot!

Pinterest Friday

Pinterest never fails to inspire me or pick me up when I’m not really feeling it. There are so many great images on there and they also make me want to be more, do more and yes, eat more! Here are my favourite recent pins:


blueberry cake{source}

flowers in a jar{source}

picture display{source}


This images pretty much sum up what I want over the next few months – tea, cake, pretty autumnal flowers, knitting, winter jumpers & sorting out a few house bits. Perfect!

*The teatime image doesn’t have a source, so if you know who I should be crediting, then please let me know!

Tuesday Treat

Knitting Iceland

Last week I discovered a new knitting website – Knitting Iceland. This pleases me for two reasons. 1: I love to knit. 2: I LOVE Iceland. We went to Iceland a few years ago & I would go back in a heart beat. It’s a great place to visit during the winter, where they only have daylight for a few hours and it snowed on Christmas Day! It was one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.

Knitting Iceland

Plus, one of my favourite jumpers is from Iceland and I’d love to be able to knit one. I’m pretty sure that this website, and the tutorials on Ravelry and Craftsy will help make that dream happen! A must site for all Knitters!