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Homemade Placemats

Melin Tregwynt Placemats

Sewing on my MachineThis week I blogged about replacing some seat pads using fabric from the lovely Melin Tregwynt. While I was doing it, I had an idea about using some of the fabric as placemats. We didn’t have any spares when people came over to tea & I hadn’t found any in the shops that I liked, well, none that didn’t cost an arm & a leg!

So, with my new-found sewing machine confidence, I set to work. Now that I know what some of the buttons & wheels meant on the machine, I feel that I can pretty much sew anything! I realise that this may be a tad over opemistic, but I’m actually enjoying using the machine & happy that I don’t have to battle with it.

Melin Tregwynt PlacematsAnyway, the remnents that I’d bought were practically perfect for placemat size on our little kitchen table. So I just had to trim them to size & stitch the  edges to prevent them from fraying. While this was a simple task, & I even got to use the reverse key (yes, before I discovered this I was simply pulling the fabric!), I had to get some more bobbins. When I finally got the right size (!) I discovered that my Nana had wound a bobbin with black cotton. This made me smile, as does finding half used cotton reels from my Nana’s huge sewing box. My Nana also has a needle wallet with her name on it, ‘The Boss’, which is very fitting. It also has a patch from her time serving with the Royal Engineers during the Second World War! I love this sewing box & am happy to have the change to use it whenever I can. I will think of her every time I use the placemats, hemmed with her cotton. x

Recovered Seat Pads

Lilac Fabric from Melin Tregwynt

Seat Pads BeforeA little while ago I blogged about a lovely place called Melin Tregwynt. I finally got around to putting the remnant of fabrics to good use. I bought some old chairs from a friend a while ago. They’ve been sitting with some pretty 80’s fabric on & not the cool retro kind!

Seatpad ToolsI remembered reading something about recovering seat pads in Kirstie Allsopp’s Homemade Home book. So I had a look to try & gauge how easy/difficult it was going to be. My verdict: not too tricky. So I set to work.

Initially I pieced the fabric together. It was all in small pieces so I had to sew it together. This gave me another excuse to use my sewing machine! It was super easy to do. I had to hot foot it over to Homebase to buy some upholstery pins.

Lilac Fabric from Melin TregwyntThe book recommended that I use staples & a staple gun but as I don’t have these & wanting this project to be as cheap as possible, I bought a pack of 50 pins for £3.09 & used about half. I didn’t replace the seat pads as again, I just wanted to replace the cover & keep the whole thing as cheap as possible.

Blue Fabric from Melin TregwyntI hoped that
they’d be okay & when I removed the other fabric, the pads were in a decent enough condition. I hammered in the pins, pulled the fabric tight & hey presto! Task complete. All I need to do now is to paint the chairs but I’m still undecided on colour. But for now I’m happy with how they look & happy that I’ve got another job crossed off the list! x

A Week in Wales: Food

Cheese Ploughmans

Following on from yesterday’s post about places from my holiday, today is going to be devoted to food. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll how much I love food. One thing that I was surprised by was the number of places that used local produce as much as possible. My OH & I have an agreement that we visit independent places & we weren’t let down in Pembrokeshire.

BanoffeeIn my places post I mentioned a lovely tearoom in Lawrenny called Quayside. I am forever indebted to my sister for referring me here. It is an amazing little place with a fantastic atmosphere right on the water. We had a delicious lunch before embarking on our walk. I had an awesome jacket potato with cheese, homemade   coleslaw & a delicious salad. I was pleased to discover salad dressing on the table, ready for me to use!

Chocolate TorteMy OH had a crab sandwich & loved it. After our lengthy walk we returned for the cake! I’d seen two that I really wanted to try so we had half each. The banoffee pie was quite possibly the best I’ve ever eaten (& I’ve eaten a lot!). The chocolate torte came with cream, which was needed as it was quite rich. I don’t think I would’ve been able to finish it if I’d had the whole slice but half was just enough!

Cheese PloughmansOne day we visited Melin Tregwynt, a woolen mill that I’ve bought from before. When my OH told me that you could visit the mill & that they had a cafe, he knew that we’d have to go there. After a few wrong turns we finally found it. The mill is really old & it’s great to see the fabric being made. I spent most of the time in the shop & you’ll have to come back tomorrow to find out what I bought!

CawlThe cafe & the menu was quite small and the veggie options were limited. I opted for the cheese ploughmans & wasn’t disappointed. The plate came full of food, which is always a good thing! It was delicious. My OH ordered cawl. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a Welsh dish that is a cross between soup, casserole and broth. He really liked it as it contained some lovely Welsh beef & local veg. Perfect for those windy grey days that we had! x