Let me introduce you to my favourite folk, The Gilmore Girls.

The Gilmore Girls Image via The AWL

The Gilmore Girls is the best TV show ever (joint first with The Walking Dead. Obvs.) It’s a show about Lorelai and her daughter, Rory who live in the beautiful town of Stars Hollow, where I would move to in a heartbeat. The story revolves around how Lorelai had Rory at sixteen, left her parents house and brought Rory up on her own. Lorelai is constantly trying to get away from the privileged world that she grew up, but keeps getting drawn back to it.┬áThe show has lots of hilarious characters besides the main two, including Luke who owns the diner, Lane who is Rory’s best friend, and Richard & Emily Gilmore, the grandparents.

One of the things I love about it is that it’s just lovely. It’s a proper ‘feel good’ programme so it’s perfect for escaping from the stresses & strains of real life. I got into it a lot when I was really stressed out with work a few years ago. I would just watch it, episode after episode, and let it wash over me, feeling myself unwind. It makes me feel happy & warm and I love when a TV programme can do that. And I found out that there’s even talk of a Gilmore Girls film, which would pretty much make my year!

Dragonfly InnMy OH found this awesome website the other day, with all the Gilmore Girls merchandise you could ever want it! I would so wear this t-shirt!

From the fast-paced witty banter, to the fact that Lorelai & Rory should be morbidly obese from all the junk food they eat (Watching it always makes me hungry!), to wanting to eat pancakes at Luke’s and spending the weekend at the Dragonfly, I am a Gilmore Girls addict and I’m not afraid to say it!