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Sojo Restaurant

Black Bean Tofu at Sojo

Saturday night was spent celebrating a friends birthday. Good times. When she sent round the email that said where we’d be going, I was keen to check out the menu as I am a very fussy vegetarian. When I have Chinese, I always go for Sweet & Sour tofu (it was chicken when I wasn’t a veggie!). If that’s not on the menu, like it wasn’t at Sojo Chinese Restaurant in Oxford, it always unsettles me.

However, they had mini vegetarian spring rolls so that was a relief. I love these little rolls but it’s surprising how much they vary in taste. The ones at Sojo were Amazing. Not greasy, supplied with a little portion of sweet chili sauce. I was in heaven.

Black Bean Tofu at SojoDespite not having my all-time favourite food on the menu, I was looking forward to the main course. The reason? The other veggie options looked very good. (I’ve seen some chinese restaurants just have mushroom chow mien as their only veggie option. Tut tut!) Now as I said before, I am very fussy. I won’t eat water chestnuts or bamboo shoots (gross!) so this can narrow the menu down. But I had my choice pinned down to two possible options, both of which I was looking forward to: the Sojo black bean tofu & Szechuan spicy fried tofu with glass noodles. I couldn’t decide which. They both sounded lush. But I really fancied trying their egg fried rice so went with the black bean tofu. I love having tofu in restaurants. Once you’ve got used to the consistency, when it’s done well, it’s delicious.

I loved the meal. The service was outstanding, despite our party being the second of two big groups, plus they had a full restaurant. They knew who had ordered what & were really attentive, without being intrusive. I will definitely be going back to try the Szechuan tofu. If you’re in Oxford & the desire for Chinese is overwhelming, head here. Awesome!

Atomic Pizza

Boris Karloff at Atomic Pizza

A while ago I blogged about the awesome Atomic Burger & the fact that I was lucky enough to attend the launch of their new restaurant, Atomic Pizza. The challenge was set: Will it knock Atomic Burger off my no. 1 favourite restaurant spot? I didn’t like it’s chances.

Boris Karloff at Atomic Pizza

Half the pizza menu is vegetarian. It’s so nice to be thought of as an equal to meat-eaters & not just an after thought and this is one of the reasons why I like the Atomic restaurants. Anyway, I had picked what I wanted to eat about a week ago (it’s just what I do!). I’d decided on the Boris Karloff & added jalapenos, mushrooms & gherkins on a thin crust. I’d had the Red Hot Chilli Pepper Poppers to start with, which were delicious. My OH had the calamari & said that they were cooked to perfection.

Back to the pizza. I couldn’t believe it. It was perfect. The pizza base was thin but not too thin and all the toppings were in equal proportions. It was so lovely. I couldn’t finish mine as the pizzas are a generous size so asked to take the rest home & will be having the rest for my lunch today! I see it as a way of extending the joy of eating at Atomic Pizza beyond one visit!

I can’t say if Atomic Pizza is my favourite restaurant yet – for that I’ll need a few more visits, maybe sampling the deserts too. I’m looking forward to my next visit already! Thank you Atomic people for all your amazing vegetarian food x

Golden Ticket

Popeye at Atomic Pizza

Tonight I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Atomic Pizza. Now if you’re a regular reader you’ll know how much I love Atomic Burger. So when my OH secured a Golden Ticket for the launch night I was super excited.

Popeye at Atomic PizzaIt wasn’t quite what I expected, having picked out my choice of pizza from the menu. But it was great to try so many different pizzas (half of the pizzas are veggie!), especially as I always go for the same thing once I’ve settled on it!

There were loads more people there than I expected. And it got hot…really hot. So hot I had to take my cardi off. (And those of you who know me know how hot it must’ve been!). It was a shame, as some people didn’t have seats (I did!) & that combined with the heat, along with the fact that the pizza wasn’t distributed evenly meant that some people left before getting to sample hardly anything. I can imagine how difficult it must’ve been trying to launch a restaurant & satisfy very high expectations. It wasn’t so much of a lack of pizza either – they made 85! I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to try the Godzilla, as I will never go for the challenge! But I think my mouth is a little relieved by this!

That being said, there was a good atmosphere & the place looked great. With a free drink upon arrival & enough free pizza to fill my tum (though not my OH’s) it was a fab night. This is kind of a mini-blog because it wasn’t a normal dining experience. I will be back, very soon, to pick my own pizza, maybe even a starter & will do a full on review.

Thank you so much Atomic Pizza for having me. Love the place & will be seeing you soon x

Pancakes at Greens Cafe

Pancakes at Greens Cafe

Sunday morning my OH suggested we go out for breakfast – like I need to be asked twice – I got dressed and off we went.

Pancakes at Greens CafeWe wanted to do a bit of shopping too so parked near Greens Cafe in Oxford & headed in. One reason I wanted to go there was because I knew they did pancakes & I’ve never tried them. Obviously I had a huge mug of chai to wash them down.  I couldn’t believe the size of the pancakes. They were huge! Not to mention delicious. It came with a lovely side of fruit & the pancakes filled me up for most of the day. Perfect!

One criticism was that there was no atmosphere in the cafe whatsoever. It was quite early so they weren’t very busy. There was no music, TV or papers to read. It was really quiet and was a bit like eating breakfast in a museum! I’ve never known it so quiet there. If you go later in the day it’s usually buzzing. But the pancakes were awesome! And I love my pancakes x