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iPhone Cover

iPhone cover

For a while now I’ve wanted to write my own knitting pattern. I’m very aware that there areiPhone cover huge issues when it comes to selling something I’ve knitted from someone else’s pattern. If you are allowed to do this, then you usually have to ask for permission, quite rightly. But I know that this doesn’t always happen. So I wanted to knit something of mine & write my own pattern.

I decided on an iPhone cover and some are currently available in my Folksy shop. It’s a basic cable pattern, to say the least! But if you would like to use it to knit your own iPhone cover then please feel free! If you have any suggestions about how I can improve my pattern writing, then please leave a comment below – any help gratefully received!

Download Cable iPhone cover

UPDATE: My OH’s mum, Jane, sent me an email last night, saying that she’d just completed her own iPhone cover, using this pattern. She said, “It was very easy to follow. I used slightly smaller needles and thinner wool so had to knit an extra 8 rows.” Below is her iPhone cover. I’m so pleased that someone has tried the pattern & that it works! Having never written one before, it’s always difficult to tell. But at least I know it all makes sense! Thanks Jane x

Janes iphone cover

Lazy Lace Snood

Lazy Lace Snood

A while ago, I saw Deramores tweet about a free snood pattern. Always up for a freebie, I downloaded it. It’s by Rowan & is currently only available on Ravelry. I think it was meant to be a knit-a-long, but I can’t seem to do them! If I’m in the middle of a project, then I can’t leave it to do something else!

Lazy Lace Snood

I really wanted a snood. For anyone who follows my Twitter feed will know I feel the cold like an old lady. No exaggeration, even when it was really hot a few weeks ago, I’d still put the blanket on in the evenings. I realise this makes me look like a freak of nature, but hey, that’s me! Anyway, I thought that a snood would be a great addition to my wardrobe & help keep me warm.

The pattern calls for 2 50g balls of Rowan Alpaca cotton. Now I have a huge stash of wool so couldn’t really justify buying more. Plus I wanted to use wool that I received for Christmas. The wool I ended up using is pretty chunky & it’s just as well I did use wool I already had, as I needed 4 balls. I can’t remember what wool I used, as I threw the labels away but it’s really lovely & proper toasty. Perfect for this summer weather!

Handknitted snood

The snood had to be 160cms long & is the longest item I’ve knitted to date but it was really easy to do. When I started I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right, but when it got longer it looked like the picture. Brilliant! I’m so happy with it & can heartily recommend it!

Knitted Tea Cosy

Tea Cosy

My mum asked for a knitted tea cosy for her small tea pot for Christmas. No problem, I thought, Ravelry will have plenty of patterns. It did. Far too many for me to trawl through and none that would’ve been easy to make small enough.(Maths isn’t my strong suit). So, hello Google.

It suggested The New Homemaker, which had a super simple tea cosy pattern. The genius of this pattern is that you put in what size tea cosy you need and it’ll resize the pattern to fit.

I added on a few extra stitches because I was worried that it wouldn’t fit, as it looked quite small. In total, I cast on 27 stitches & used a thinner wool than recommended. The recipe is great and simple to use. I can highly recommend it. I had to learn a new technique – yarn over & the effect of it is fab.

Tea Cosy

I have to say a massive thanks to my sister for measuring the teapot and smuggling it up to us for Christmas so I could check that it fit before giving it to my mum. I added some contrasting ribbon & wrapped it for Christmas. It didn’t take long to knit at all & I think that it looks great! I’m pretty sure Mum likes it too! x