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Tuesday Treat – Roast Vegetable Tart

I’m always struggling to find yummy and healthy food for lunch so when I saw this delicious looking vegetable pie on Pinterest, I knew that I had to give it a go. I like the fact that it uses ready made pastry, which makes things a whole lot easier. All you have to do is roast some vegetables, pop them in the pastry and cook it. It couldn’t be easier!

Vegan Vegetable pie

The recipe calls for aubergine as well, but neither Phil nor myself are huge fans of aubergine so I left it out. I didn’t substitute it for anything, which was a shame as it could’ve definitely have used more vegetables. Next time I make it, I’m thinking of doubling up the veg and adding small cubes of sweet potato. I didn’t put any milk on the pastry to help it brown, which was a mistake, as it looks like it could do with a bit longer in the oven, but I was worried about the veg burning so I need to make sure I add that next time too. Plus I might roast the veg with some rosemary from the garden, as that’ll make it even nicer!  It’s great when something you find on Pinterest actually works first time! You can follow my Veggie Food Pinterest board here.

Wool Week 2014

Did you know that it’s #woolweek this week? Due to my constantly temperature being that of freezing, I absolutely love wool. While it’s been lovely having summer and the sun shining, I’m more than happy to now wear lots of wool jumpers, wool tights, long socks and wrap myself in blankets on the sofa and at my desk. Hello scarves, hats and gloves, I’ve missed you!

As it is Wool Week, I thought I’d do a little round up post of some of my favourite knitting pins that can be found on my Knitting Pinterest board. There’s a mixture of items to buy and bits to make, depending on whether you’re a knitter or not.

Wool Week 2014

Hidden Heart Mittens from Not on the High Street // Giant Infinity Scarf by SoSatsuma //  OhLaLa cardigan pattern // Hat Most Likely to Succeed pattern // il grande favorito jumper pattern // Giganto blanket pattern //
{All images found on Pinterest, via their respective sources. Original images can be found by clicking on the links above.}

Wool is my favourite. It’s soft, squidgy, comforting and, most importantly, warm! I wish I knitted quicker, as I’ve love to make more things for me to wear. Though, I will admit, I like projects with instant gratification, so I tend to stick with smaller items that hold my interest. That being said, I’m halfway through a jumper that I plan to finish over Christmas and I have wool and a pattern for a fair isle one, which will be interesting as I’ve never knitted fair isle before.

The other thing I love about wool is that you can get such a huge variety of types, colours, styles and thickness. Long gone are the days of knitting yourself something scratchy – there’s lots of alternatives. I have to admit that I do prefer knitting with chunky wool as it grows so much faster. But that being said, if I go anywhere near a wool shop, I’m pretty much going to ooh and ahh over every ball! I’ll probably squeeze a few too!

My happy place? Curled up on the sofa, under my Laura Ashley blanket, next to the fire, knitting away, watching a Walking Dead/Gilmore Girls/Harry Potter box set with a pot of tea and a bit of cake on the go. This is why Autumn and Winter are the best – hibernation!

Healthy Summer Meals

Okay, brace yourself. This is quite a heavy picture post! I’ve been slipping back into bad food habits lately. I’m busy, hot, tired and this means I’ve not been planning my meals, which is always bad news for my waistline and good news for Dominos. After sorting out my wardrobe and seeing how close I was to fitting in some of my favourite old clothes, I knew I had to get back on track. But with this heat, where on earth do you start?! Pinterest is where.

I wanted quick, light, healthy recipes that required minimal cooking and time in the kitchen. Our kitchen is very small and heats up super quick. Not ideal when just blinking causes you break out in a sweat. Here’s what I’ve been eating lately.

:: Breakfast ::

granola and berries

Granola, blueberries, almonds and Greek yoghurt.

Nice and simple, this is a quick throw-everything-in-the-bowl-and-choff breakfast. This is a shop bought granola, but it has way too many raisins for my liking so I will be making my own at some point soon.

chia seed porridge

Chia Seed Porridge

I use the recipe from Honestly Healthy for Life cookbook and it’s delicious. I was a little unsure about the chia seeds beforehand, but this has fast become my favourite breakfast.

:: Snacks ::

raspberry yogs strawberry snack Plums Green smoothie coffee and rice cakes chocolate treat cinnamon rollHomemade raspberry & yoghurt ice lolly // Strawberries with almonds & natural yoghurt // Local plums // Green Smoothie // Organic coffee & chocolate covered rice cakes // Raw chocolate & Teapigs Rooibos tea // Cinnamon Roll from Modern Baker

:: Main Meals ::

pea and parsley fritters chickpea burritos zesty lime salad spagetti bolognaise salad pittas summer rice bowl crustless quiche chickpea and feta saladZesty pea & parsley fritters with spiced roasted sweet potatoes // Vegan chickpea burritos // Quinoa summer salad // Spaghetti Bolognaise from Honestly Healthy for Life // Hummus & salad pittas // Summer Veggie Rice Bowl // Crustless Quiche // Chickpea & feta salad //

I have quite enjoyed finding these new recipes and have a few more up my sleeve that I’d like to try. On the whole, they have been quick, easy, light and refreshing. The homemade lollies didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, but they were a bit of a test run. I needed more yoghurt and less raspberries. We’ve really been trying to eat well recently. It’s not easy when you’re tired and hot and know you’ll have to clean up after as well (Have I reminded you lately that I’m very lazy when it comes to food?!) Plus, we’re trying to buy as locally as possible, which means making sure the shopping list is ready to go to the local farm shops and leave enough time to hit up the supermarket for any of the other bits that we can’t get. I’ve also ordered from Goodness Direct, which has lots of really good things, with a decent delivery. I even ordered frozen edamame beans from there, as they’re a real favourite of mine and can just nibble on them.

How about you? Have you got any go-to salads that you swear by when it’s hot? If you’ve got a good homemade ice lolly recipe, let me know!

Tuesday Treat – Knitting Inspiration

Where do you get your creative inspiration from? Mine mostly comes via Pinterest. Recently I’ve noticed a lot more related pins in my stream, which I personally love, as it suggests things based on your current activity. For me, this has meant finding a lot more ideas of garments to knit. Like this jumper.

KnittingImage from All Free Knitting || Found via Pinterest

A lot of the patterns originate on Ravelry, but I find Ravelry so overwhelming that I can never find something that tempts me to download the pattern. However, on Pinterest, because its visual, I can see straight away what it’s supposed to end up like and that’s what inspires me. The only downside is that I’m the worlds slowest knitter! But I’m lining up ideas of what I’d like to knit next! Take a look.

How about you? What’s on your needles at the moment? Are you on Pinterest?