Dropped Plum CakeA lovely friend of mine recently gave me some plums. I’ve never used plums before so needed to search for a few recipes. I discovered a brilliant website called Allotment Growing Recipes.¬† Not only does it have loads of recipes but feedback from people who’ve used them & lots of answered questions.

The first recipe I picked was one for plum cake. This one seemed quite easy & I wanted to try baking something with wholemeal flour. The recipe was easy to follow & was looking really good. My oven is a bit tricky so it took an extra ten minutes to cook.

I took it out of the oven & was trying to take it out of the tin. It was coming out fine but the outside slid off & was heading down my arm. I freaked as I was worried that it would burn me (& I was in a bit of a rush I was running late for yoga & I wanted to give the cake to the person who had given me the plums!). The cake slid of the base of the tin & fell onto the top of the oven! Yes it was as comical as it sounds! But it tastes amazing! I can really recommend the recipe if you have a load of plums.

Esme Plum JamI had some plums left so wanted to have a go at making some plum jam. So I returned to the Allotment website & found this very easy plum jam recipe. I didn’t have the recommended weight of plums left so had to use my maths skills (!) to work out how much sugar to use with the just over 500g of plums I had. The recipe didn’t mention any type of pectin so I just cut up my plums, poured in the water & set to work. I’d forgotten to reduce the amount of water but I don’t think it’s made much difference. I also didn’t have any granulated sugar so used caster sugar instead. I haven’t tasted any on bread yet but it tasted fine when I was checking it had reached it’s setting point.

I love trying out new recipes. I used to think jam making was really difficult & required loads of expensive equipment but the recipes I’ve seen are really easy & work really well. And it shows how great the internet is as I’ve got all my recent recipes for free! Fab! x