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Poppy’s first mini-break

It’s been a while since I wrote about Poppy, although if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’re probably sick of the sight of her! Anyway, she’s settling in really well and has now been with us for over 3 months! I can’t believe it’s gone so fast. In some ways, the training that we’ve done has paid dividends, but in other ways, as she’s gaining in confidence, she’s getting more & more naughty. Training was really good for her and us. We know what we need to work on and we’ll keep on with it. However, it was quite difficult sometimes, as she was the smallest dog in the class and she got quite frustrated by it. She let us know by barking – a lot! She also lets us know when someone walks by the house, shuts a car door, knocks on someone else’s house etc etc by barking a lot. It’s difficult to manage this behaviour as if you try to calm her down, any attention you give her is rewarding the barking. So you have to try & ignore it. Which is very difficult & very annoying! So we’re working on that!

Poppy had her first mini-break this weekend too. While my OH & I were at a wedding on Saturday, Poppy spent the day with my OH’s mum & stepdad. She loves spending time with them, and fortunately they feel the same! She was really good at staying with them and slept well during the night, which was good for all of us! We’re going to stay with my Mum for the weekend soon, so it was really good to do a test run. Here are some pictures they took of her while she was there.

Poppy chewingPoppy sniffing

Poppy posingPoppy sleeping

I love how Poppy can look different in photographs. I posted a video on Vine last week & someone asked if she was a black basset hound. We’ve seen her with a few Daschunds lately & she looks more like them than anything else. Whatever! She’s supercute & that’s all that matters. We’ve managed to feed her up a bit too. When we got her, you could see her ribs all the time. We got her up to 11 kilos by the time she became unwell a month or so ago, but she lost almost a kilo in 12 hours so we’ve been feeding her plenty, on the vet’s instructions. She looks a lot healthier, but that doesn’t stop her scavenging for gum & all sorts when she’s out on a walk!

She’s going to have her first ever bath on the weekend so I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. I’m pretty sure her obsession with the bathroom will be reduced after that!

Walking with Poppy – Summer Outfit Wishlist

I am learning very quickly that dog walking requires a wardrobe of it’s own. You need to have sensible shoes, clothes that are waterproof & easily washed, as well as having lots of pockets. I also hate changing my clothes throughout the day, so whatever I put on in the morning has to keep me warm throughout the day. It’s a whole other world for me to dream about! So here are a few things that I need (Note – need! They are essential items!) in my wardrobe this Summer. So far I have the sandals and the jeans – just keeping my fingers crossed that I don’t need new glasses at my opticians appointment next week then I’m getting the Joules jacket!

Joules Womens Nautical Jacket

Joules Womens Nautical Jacket

I tried this on at Burford Garden Company last weekend & it fits like a glove. It’s really thin, which is perfect for summer showers. Plus blue is my favourite colour!

Fat Face Ankle Grazer Jeans

Fat Face Ankle Grazers

I have finally bought a pair of jeans that aren’t bootcut. Yep. I’m no fashionista! I dress for warmth & comfort! But as I’m not a massive fan of shorts, I thought these would be great when out walking with Poppy when it’s warmer. Lighter than my regular jeans, but great for tucking into wellies when it’s raining.

Clarks Originals Kestral Soar 

Kestral Soar White

I have been a Birkenstock girl for many years. But I think it’s time for a change. Poppy walks quite fast so I need a sandal that stays on my foot by itself & I love the retro look of these sandals. I hate having hot feet so when the weather was really nice (remember that?!) wearing trainers wasn’t an option so I found a pair of these in the right size & bought them. Then the weather turned so I’m hoping it won’t be long before the sun comes back so I can try them out! They are obviously popular as Clarks have removed them from their website & when I contacted them about sizes, they told me that they’d sold out of them in most sizes!

Do you have specific clothes for walking the dog? Or maybe a few Summer wish-list items of your own? I’d love to know!

Tuesday Treat – Celebrating the Little Things

Sleepy Poppy

Life can be really tough sometimes. And if you’re anything like me, which I know some of you are from your Twitter feeds, you constantly beat yourself up for all the things that go wrong or you fail to achieve or jobs you didn’t cross off from your ‘To Do’ list. So I think it’s important to celebrate little achievements and victories whenever you can. Whether you celebrate with an extra Digestive with your cup of tea or go all out & treat yourself with a manicure or shopping spree, it’s important to take a little time & acknowledge it.

Sleepy Poppy

Today I am celebrating a few Poppy related victories. During Sunday’s training, she was by far the best dog. One of the reasons being that she had the best recall of all the dogs. This is a victory because when we adopted her, recall was one thing she wasn’t good at. Inspired by this, yesterday we let her off the lead for the first time in the park! We practised recall off the lead & she was ace! My OH stood at one end & I stood at the other and we called her between us, practising using the command ‘Here’. Little Poppy with her giant ears flapping about sprinted from me to him & back again, then sat patiently waiting for her treat at each end. She looked hilarious! I’m desperate to try & record a video of it. She’s also started playing more & focusing on us more when we’re out on walks. We are so proud of how far she’s come in such a short space of time.

What are your small victories? How do you celebrate them?

(The picture above is nothing to do with Poppy’s recall – I just think she looks supercute! This is the space next to my side of the bed by the wall. When she’s being a bit clingy she curls up in this space and hopes we don’t notice so we’ll let her sleep in with us. Nice try!)

Poppy Goes to Training School


We’ve started training classes with Poppy. It’s a six week course, starting with the basics and hopefully ending with Poppy being able to do exactly as she’s told & performing a few tricks! So off Poppy & I went, with, what I thought was, plenty of treats and high hopes. It was exhausting!


There were quite a few big, boisterous dogs there, which set Poppy off barking almost immediately. When she’s like that it’s really hard to calm her down. I hadn’t taken anything for her to chew on, but fortunately Sheila, the teacher, had some cow hooves, which Poppy loves! That kept her quiet for a little bit but she really just wanted to go around & say hello to all the other dogs!

We started with the ‘watch’ command, where you waft the treat in front of your dogs nose & then hold it up by your eyes. The idea is that it trains your dog to make eye contact with you, which is really useful for getting their attention on walks etc. By this point, Poppy was barking a lot so Sheila brought out the clicker. Every time Poppy does something right in training, I click the clicker & give her a treat. That way, she knows she’s getting the treat because she’s done something right, rather than for barking.

Then we moved on to sit (which Poppy can already do at the drop of a hat), down (argh!) and stand (done!). So I got Poppy to sit, then to get her to lie down, I had to hold the treat in front of her nose, move it down to the ground slowly, then pull it out along the floor. Well. Poppy doesn’t like doing this. She only goes about halfway before giving up and licking the treat so much it turns to mush! It’s really difficult for her, not quite sure why, but we’re working on it.

Before long, everyone was using their clickers & calling their dogs. Poppy was really hyped up so wouldn’t pay attention to anyone! And I ran out of treats as I’d been using them to try and calm her down when she ignored the hoof. We might have to train her to bark on command so that we can train her to be quiet. Simple eh?!

By the end of the class, Poppy & I were exhausted! We’re going to try & wear her out a bit more before next weeks class, as well as taking twice as many treats. And cheese. Poppy will do almost anything for treats, except lie down!