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Dog Walks in Buckinghamshire – Whitecross Green Wood

Phil and I are planning to visit every BBOWT nature reserve. After a quick look through their website, we decided on Whitecross Green Wood. It boasts an abundance of butterflies in the summer months and we weren’t disappointed. They were dancing around all over, enjoying the warm summer sun.

Getting to the reserve is pretty straight forward. There’s a small cottage opposite the turning for the reserve and there are two gates that need opening. Once inside, there’s a map and a visitors book, which is well worth having a look at, as people record the different things they’ve seen so it’s a helpful guide for things to look out for. Because there are so many varieties of butterflies, the site is at risk of trampling, as people try to get close to see and take pictures of them. (I totally understand this, as my photos of the butterflies from a distance were so awful, I had to delete them!) However, this is a real problem, as it’s putting the habitat at risk so it’s important to stick to the mown path, which we did.

Poppy at Whitecross GreenWhitecross Green BBOWT reserve Whitecross Green Nature Reserve Whitecross Green ReserveBritish summer

There’s a nice circular walk around the reserve, taking in woodland, views out over the countryside and lots of great little habitats. The walk is just over 2 miles and is easy to follow as it’s signposted with little badger plaques. Poppy loved the walk as there were lots of smells for her to track. We’ll definitely be returning to Whitecross Green as I’d like to see how it changes with the seasons.

The Walk: The walk is fairly easy and straightforward, with only a slight incline in the woods.
Cost: Free
Car Park: There’s a decent sized car park at the start of the reserve, which has quite a few spaces.
Refreshments: No.
Toilets: No.

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PoppyDog Wishlist

Poppy Wishlist

As I was walking around Liberty last week, I came across their range of dog accessories. They are the cutest little things, made with beautiful Liberty print fabrics. I especially love the Harris Tweet coat. As Poppy is quite small, she needs a little coat when it’s especially cold. I’d love to see her in this gorgeous green herringbone print coat – Adorable!

Poppy WishlistMost of the time Poppy sleeps on the sofa or the chairs, depending on where we are. She’s still getting used to her new bed, but I love the bright colours of the dog bed at Liberty. We looked at quite a few beds and none were this colourful. I like the idea of dog accessories being part of the home design, instead of an afterthought. Plus this bed is thermo-regulating, which is a great idea! No more overheating pooch!

Both my OH & I are looking for things to help train Poppy and help keep her stimulated when we can play with her. At the moment, we’re investigating training classes & toys to hide treats in. What accessories would you get your pet? Any recommendations?