A while ago my friend told me about a place where you could have puddings as your meal. This, I thought, must be some kind of heaven. Last night we visited this amazing place – The Pudding Club.

Pasta and Goats CheeseWe started with a light main meal. There were three options – beef, chicken or pasta. Naturally I had the pasta dish. It was delicious. Goats cheese & spinach penne pasta. Nice! One of my friends is also a vegetarian but doesn’t like goats cheese so she asked if it would be possible for it to be done without. This seemed like no trouble at all for the staff & out came a tomato & spinach pasta dish for her. We were all happy with our main course, small so that we could have plenty of room for what was to come – 7 puddings! Then we began planning the best way to eat all the puddings…start light, end with the stodge.

Below are images of the seven puddings that we ate. You can see that the portions are small so as not to fill our tummy’s too full!

Pudding Club 1
We had to rank each pudding after eating it. And we had to clear our bowl after each one as we only had the one bowl. Not a problem!

Pudding Club 2

The light puddings were really creamy so I was happy to get to the custard puddings. But for me the winner was…

Dark Chocolate and Orange Mousse
Dark Chocolate & Orange Mousse

Personally I prefer lighter puddings, like creme brulee, but was happy with the puddings that we had. I normally don’t like things being mixed, like chocolate with orange, but this beauty was closest to what I would normally order in a restaurant. All the puddings were delicious. The staff were helpful & nothing was too much trouble. The only slight issue was the parking but that just shows how popular this place is.

A fab time was had by all x