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Relaxing at Fawsley Hall Spa

A few weekends ago, a couple of friends and I headed to Fawsley Hall Hotel & Spa for a spot of well earned pampering. We’ve been before and it remains to be, in my opinion, the best spa I’ve ever been to. When we arrived, we chatted in the seating area in reception while we waited for our appointments. We were all having different treatments – I went for my usual back massage and wasn’t disappointed.

Fawsley Hall SpaFawsley Hall Back Massage Fawsley Hall Afternoon TeaFawsley Hall

After an excellent massage, which was just right and managed to work out the tension in my shoulders, it was time to wait for the others in the relaxation room. We had booked afternoon tea over in the hotel so when it was time, we left the spa and headed to the main building. We were in the main room, which is incredibly lavish and ornate. The sofas are enormous and comfortable and the staff are always on hand, without being pushy, to help with anything. I asked for the veggie afternoon tea and had some delicious sandwiches to accompany my scones. I also asked for soya milk with my tea and as pleased that they had that too. While the sandwiches were good, the scones and cream were amazing. We had one fruit and one plain scone each and we were able to get extra cream and jam, as we didn’t hold back!

We had such a lovely time there that we’re going back in a few weeks time for an end of school treat. I think we all deserve a little de-stressing!

Tuesday Treat – Lush Bath Bombs

Lush bath bombs are nothing new, but they remain a firm favourite for me. There’s nothing quite like running a hot bath after a long day and a cold dog walk around the park, throwing a Lush bath bomb in and letting your troubles melt away. Add in a cup of tea and the latest episode of Scandal on the iPad and that’s pretty much heaven right there.

Big Blue Bath Bomb


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I was lucky enough to receive a massive Lush haul for Christmas, including one of their shampoo bars, which I’ll right about another time. This also means my room smells like Lush, which is pretty, lush! For me, it’s a great way of warming up, relaxing and getting my head together after a mega-hectic day at school. Ideally, it should be followed by warm pyjamas, a delicious dinner and cuddles on the sofa with Poppy in front of the fire. Perfection!

Tuesday Treat – Lazy Bank Holidays

Sleeping dogs lie

Did you have a good bank holiday weekend? I hope the sun shone for you, even if it was only for a little bit. To say we were grateful to see the end of busy & exhausting week is an understatement! After Poppy being poorly & then both of us having lots of work on, we were pretty wiped out by the time Friday came around. We decided that we’d have a lazy bank holiday weekend instead of cramming lots of things in, like we usually do. Just in case we were tempted to do lots of jobs, my OH came down with a cold, which meant that it was time to give in & rest up. After spending the morning in Oxford on Saturday, getting a few bits & pieces for a few events we’ve got coming up, we headed home. After giving Poppy a quick walk, it was sofa time. And we all fell asleep!

Sleeping dogs lie

I think there’s something very sacred about an afternoon nap as an adult. You often want one, during your working week & normally, even if you need one, you tell yourself that you won’t sleep later so you’d just better get on & do all the jobs! But on those rare occasions where you give in & have doze, it’s one of the best feelings in the world! Like you’ve reverted back to your childhood for a very small moment! We all enjoyed our afternoon nap, especially me as Poppy slept on me, which was lovely (plus very warm, which is always good!). I hope you have had a great bank holiday weekend, thank goodness it’s not long until the next one!

A Month of Saturdays

Cotton Reels

Do you ever get that feeling that you work too much & play too little? My Sunday night work dread has been replaced with the feeling that I haven’t done all the crafty things that I want to do. Knitting, baking, blogging, sewing, relaxing, exercising etc. I often get to tea time on Sunday with many of the nice things to do undone & rushing round the essential things that I need to do. So it got me thinking. What I need is a week of Saturdays. So what would I do with them?

Firstly I would spend hours adding beautiful pictures of very prettyCotton Reels things onto my Pinterest boards. If you haven’t discovered Pinterest then take a peek. You know when you’re looking at images on Etsy (like this from Lola’s Room on Etsy), Folksy or Flickr but you can’t/haven’t got time to buy it/print it etc but you want to keep the image? Well that’s what this helps you to do! Amazing! And you get to have a look at other people’s boards & remind yourself of all the beauty in the world. Lush.

Then I would have a go a making a Morsbag. No idea? Well basically it’s an idea where you you make a reusable bag by using old material that you have instead of using plastic ones & then chucking them away when your done, filling up loads of landfill space. This is such a cool idea & one day I AM going to make one!


I would also make some silver jewellery. I attend classes as part of Oxfordshire Adult Learning. I have made a few things already (more on that another time) & I am half way through a long chain necklace. 

I would finish the knitting needle case I started; the secret project I am working on; sort out my cd’s & DVDs; get a hair cut; get some new glasses; go for a long walk & bike ride; have lunch in a nice country pub; reupholster two dining chairs; make some birthday cards; plant some herbs & get a manicure and get my gin on!

Oh drink some chai and do some baking!

Pink Icing Cupcake Stars