Last weekend, my OH got into a twitter conversation with The Kings Head & Bell in Abingdon about what they offer for a veggie Sunday roast. They offered to do a full veggie roast. How could I not go in and try it out?

Veggie Sunday Lunch

The veggie roast consisted of mushroom stuffed with goat’s cheese & spinach, with veggie gravy, roast pots & veg. It was delicious. The only criticism I have is that there should’ve been more of it, but thats because I’m greedy! The others in my party had the lamb & the beef and were happy with their meat.

I’d already decided on pudding, preferably┬ásomething with custard, before even seeing the dessert menu. Fortunately I was in luck & they were offering fruit crumble with custard. Everything else came with ice cream & looked equally delicious.

Sunday Crumble

Realistically the portions were sensible & just right, but I could’ve eaten it twice over. Again, greedy!

If you fancy heading over to try it yourself, you need to get their early. They ran out of roasts about 2.45pm! Try it, it’s lush. x