Every now and then, I look at my ‘wardrobe’ and wonder if there’s such a thing as have too many stripey tops. Then I chuckle to myself and realise that no, there is no such thing. You can never have too many stripes. Fact. This is one of the many reasons why I love Seasalt clothing. They always have stripes, their clothes are ethically made, they are mega comfy and they’re from my spiritual home of Cornwall. It’s like someone made a shop for me! How very kind. While having a look through my clothes the other day, despite the stripes and the odd dress for school, it did occur to me that there’s lots of things in there that I don’t wear and it could do with an injection of a few new pieces. This gave me the perfect excuse to have a look at the new items on the Seasalt website and these are a few that instantly jumped out at me.

Seasalt spring favourites

{Backstone top £35 || Heneward dress £49.95 || Sailor shirt £29.95 ||

Lamledra trousers £55 ||  Long Seafolly jacket £110 || St Endellion skirt £39.95}

I’ve already got two of the sailor shirts and have ordered this one and the ecru orca one as part of the current two for £40 offer. They are very versatile tops and I wear them to work, out walking the dog, when I’m out for dinner with friends or just hanging out at home. I’ve gone for long sleeve versions, purely for warmth. I like the backstage top because while it’s still a stripy top, it’s a little bit different, a little bit fancy and I love the button detail. There should be more buttons on tops. The Heneward dress is perfect for work too. It’s smart, good for layering and going from boiling classrooms to freezing classrooms and can be dressed down with a pair of chelsea boots or wellies. This is high on my wish list, as I’m convinced it’ll look great with tights and bare legs. I have wanted one of the classic Seasalt Seafolly jackets for ages but I really like the idea of a longer one, which is ideal for dog walking and damp bus duty. I’m going to put this on my birthday list, especially in the yellow (one can only wear so much blue!). I have been wearing bootcut jeans as my go to jean for ever. I think they look alright, but every now and then I think they do look a bit dated and I could be wearing something a bit smarter. Plus I can’t wear my chelsea boots with them. The Lamledra trousers look fab. Not skinny jeans (I will never be the kind of person that can wear skinny jeans, thanks to my rugby player-esque thighs!), but smart straight leg cord trousers. I have a denim skirt, but it’s short and has weird buttons on the packets that aren’t really pockets (whoever thought fake pockets on clothing were a good idea needs a slap). This is a skirt that I could wear to school on a non-uniform day, walk the dog in, wear with tights, leggings or bare legs. This is a definite favourite for next pay day.

While I was looking through the website, I came across a picture of a familiar face:

Seasalt raincoats nigel legge

I first came across Nigel when we watched A Fisherman’s Apprentice, which introduced the adorable last remaining fisherman’s village of Cadgwith to us and we’ve since had a number of lovely holidays there. Nigel is a fisherman in Cadgwith and makes traditional lobster pots, one of which we bought the last time we were in Cadgwith and it sits in our lounge. (Obviously, as  a vegan I’m against fishing, but the fishing Nigel and the other Cadgwith fisherman do is so much more sustainable and doesn’t harm the local environment like most fishing does so if you’re going to eat fish, you should eat the fish these guys catch. Phil has and can testify to it’s deliciousness.)

Please note, this is not a paid article for Seasalt, I just bloomin’ love what they do!