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A Day in My Shoes

So I thought it would be fun to write a post about my general day in shoes! Since I changed career and started working from home, I generally wear slippers. Most of the time, all my lovely shoes sit, languishing in the bottom of my wardrobe. But this week, I knew I was going to be out & about a bit so thought it would be interesting to chart my day through my shoes! Here we go!


First up, no shoes needed because it’s time for Pilates. I try to do 10 minutes of Pilates & some leg exercises for my knee and back every morning. Poppy helps by climbing over me & sticking her nose in my ear!


Unless its really, really, really hot, I always wear slippers or slipper socks on my feet in the house. Always have. Can’t bear the thought of my feet getting cold. I got these super cute slippers from my Mum for Christmas, but as I’ve worn them so much they’re already wearing out. Need some new ones!

BodenNext, it’s time for Poppy’s morning walk. I bought these from Boden in January¬†because¬†the last pair of trainers I bought from their lasted me years. Sadly, these haven’t faired so well & are already worn through in parts, letting the rain in. Pretty disappointed to be honest.

MeetingNext up, I had to go to a meeting. It was with a potential new client so wanted something bright & cheery. I love these shoes! Red shoes always pick me up a bit and give me a bit of a boost.

Dog walking

After my meeting & a quick cup of tea, it was time to take Poppy out for her second walk. As it looked like it was going to rain, which it did, I wore my walking boots. To be honest, I really like wearing these! They are comfy & solid and perfect for keeping up with Poppy.

DunlopAs my trainers are only suitable for dry weather, I need a new pair all-weather trainers. Instead of stalling for months, I thought I’d get myself organised & order some new ones. I ordered these from Schuh, well, I ordered grey ones but they sent these. Not keen on the colour but they fit like a glove so will reorder the grey ones.

Purple converseI also ordered some Converse trainers, as I remember these being particularly hardwearing. After much deliberation via Twitter (mainly about whether I’m too old to wear these) I think I’m going to send these back & get them in blue or black.

slipper socksI bought these from White Stuff in the January sales & I am so glad that I did! They cover my ankles & are toasty warm. Yes, I’ll probably wear them throughout the summer, but I might only wear one pair of socks underneath. Seriously! These are my absolute favourites!

Most days, I just switch between my slipper socks & dog walking shoes/wellies so it was pretty nice wearing other shoes for a change! How about you?

Tuesday Treat

Chie Store

Last Friday, while perusing Pinterest, I came across something which I consider to be a treat for the eyes. Shoes. Lovely, beautiful shoes. Now, I have been known to have somewhat of a shoe addiction. While I spend most of my life in slippers, working at home will do that to you, I still LOVE shoes. These are the most gorgeous shoes I’ve seen in a long while.

Chie Store

This is one of the things I love about Pinterest. It enables you to find & create a world that is yours. I love shoes and I especially love heeled shoes, but not those stupidly high ones that will cripple your feet for life. No. I like elegant shoes that you can walk in; shoes that hark back to a time gone by. I love the look & feel of the shoes on the Chie Mihara site. They are different and damn it, they look pretty comfortable. If I had the money, I would order a good number of shoes from this site. They are just my cup of tea. These red ones are especially lovely. I always find red cheers me up no end, especially on days when the sun doesn’t make an appearance. Perfect to brighten up any day! x