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Tuesday Treat – Making Things

Recently, I’ve been getting my make on. I’ve taken a long break, for no particular reason but I’ve felt that call to make things again. I’ve reopened my Folksy shop, started knitting ear warmers (needed one this morning!) and have bought more tools to widen my range of silver jewellery. I’ve also bought a Lightcase to help improve my photos, because at the moment, they aren’t great!

chunky yarn

In my wildest dreams, I would love this to be my day job! And at the moment, it’s all I can think about. I’m also toying with a few postcard designs, but I’m really nervous about showing those! If you’ve got any tips or advice on stationery design, I’m all ears!

It feels great to be making things again. I just hope people like them! What would your dream job be?

New on Folksy

Hand Knitted Moss Stitch Scarf

I never seem to dedicate enough time to my knitting & jewellery making as I want to. Knitting is easier because I can do it in front of the TV and it’s a lot easier to take places with me so I do it more, but I’m not a quick knitter. When I’m making my jewellery, especially if I have ideas of new designs that I want to try out, I love it, but I need to order materials and get all the kit out so it really takes over. As a result, it’s been a while, but, inspired by my efforts for the Frock’n’roll last week, I’ve added some new creations to my Folksy shop.

First up are my super chunky moss stitch scarves. They are knitted with 2 balls of 200g chunky 100% acrylic wool. It’s a simple pattern but hugely satisfying, as it grows quite quickly. I can attest to how warm it is, as when I’m knitting the scarf, it keeps me extra toasty! I knitted four scarves: 2 in the teal below, one red and one cream and I’m in the process of knitting a purple. They do other colours too, but for now I just need to sell the remainder before buying any more wool.

Hand Knitted Moss Stitch Scarf

Hand Knitted Moss Stitch Scarf

I also made some new silver jewellery for the Frock’n’roll. I’d had a few ideas for a while, so I was glad to be able to dedicate an afternoon to making some and trying out some new techniques, like the bracelet below. I’d never made a bracelet like this before & I really like the simplicity of it, even treated myself to one! I think this design has more potential too & am going to have a bit of a play around with it so watch this space! I also wanted to use uncut chain to make different styles of pendents. This was partly inspired by a necklace that my sister wants. The Trinity necklace below doesn’t have a finished chain, but has uncut chain attached to it using a few jump rings. I really enjoyed making these & am excited to develop this range even further and make some more earrings. Using uncut chain opens up a lot of other design possibilities as well as commissions for people.

Thin Circle Bracelet

Thin Circle Bracelet

Trinity Necklace

Trinity Necklace

I’ve also retaken some photos of stock that I already had but felt that they needed to be given a new lease of life. I also had more stock than I had listed on my site so wanted to make sure everything was up there.

Knitted iPhone Cover

Knitted iPhone cover

Knitted Flower Brooches

Knitted Flower Brooch

While I was sitting at my stall on Saturday, I decided that I want to focus on my knitting, jewellery & making cards (Got some ideas for those too!). I also decided that I need to dedicate a few afternoons a month to making new stock, developing my techniques & simply enjoying the skills I have.

It’s fine to make new things & try new crafts, but I shouldn’t let my passion for these crafts fade. By dedicating time to them, my folksy shop should be regularly restocked with new items and if I decide to do another fair, I’ll have plenty of things to take!

Busy Bee

wool stash

I feel awful. I have really neglected my blog. It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about it or checking it or ignoring the blogs that I follow. I’ve been busy. Both working at the day jobs (who’d be a freelancer?! Love it!) but also I’ve been busy crafting, making things for the Oxford Bake Off. I’m really nervous that I won’t have enough stock. I’m not worried about not selling stuff, because if I don’t then it’ll all go on my Folksy shop or the stock will be ready for birthdays & Christmas for the next year!

I have been busy knitting. Last week I was looking after my mum who fell & broke her wrist (she’s on the mend!) so I took my wool stash with me. Every free opportunity was spent knitting. I made some cards a few weeks ago so this week will be spent soldering silver jewellery & making a few vintage suffolk puff brooches.

I am so nervous but super excited at the same time. And this explains my absence! I have missed blogging so am taking a little time this morning to get some posts written and scheduled. And I will be blogging about how the sale goes at the weekend! Wish me luck!

wool stash

New Silver Work

Triple Square necklace

Since Christmas I’ve listed a few new different pieces of silver jewellery on my Folksy page. It’s quite tricky to know what to do about items on my page. If they don’t sell, how long do I keep them on? Is what I like going to sell? Why aren’t things selling?! I’ve tried not to get frustrated or down hearted about it and instead, try different things, lower my prices & fill my shop a bit more.

For this end, I’ve added a few new things this weekend. I’ve recently made a square necklace, a tear drop pendent and a pair of earrings. I like them & would wear them…I just hope other people will too.

Tear Drop necklace Triple Square necklace