It’s funny how your priorities change as you get older isn’t it? If someone had said to me when I was 18 that I would thoroughly enjoy knitting, I would not have believed them. But I do. I love knitting. It’s my favourite craft & I am really keen on improving it more and more. I want to be able to look at difficult patterns and stitches & be able to knit them. This was cemented when I looked through my current copy of Knitter magazine. There are lots of beautiful knits in there, that I want to make. I want to have the confidence & the ability to tackle any pattern.

Ashdown Forest

They also had lots of images of sheep & alpacas. Now I have a massive fondness for farmyard animals. I’d love to have chickens & a few sheep. This isn’t going to happen in our terraced garden! So it makes me want a nice home out in the countryside somewhere. Then my day dreaming goes into overdrive! A nice traditional house, with an Aga, and a bit of land for the animals. Then I could spin the wool that we get from the sheep & dye my own yarn, to use & sell. If my knitting skills improved even more, I could maybe do knitting classes & workshops. Then, maybe, take inspiration from George Clarke’s & have a bus or an old camper that we could convert & let out, like the amazing Majestic Bus:

Magic Bus

We could grow our own veg, use eggs from the chickens, try & live off grid. Generally have a very lovely life that’s as ecofriendly & stress-free as possible. I want to live in a way that’s as gentle to the planet as possible. And I also don’t want to pay tons of hard earned cash to stay warm!

So that’s the dream. A house, in the country, that is ecofriendly. A small holding to give me eggs & wool that I can use myself. A veg patch that can provide enough yummy food for us to eat. All that’s left now is to achieve it!┬áHave you got a dream? A dream house? A dream holiday? Something you want to achieve?