I have written many times about my love of paper and all things stationery. It’s a love affair that shows no signs of abating. Last week, while working hard, I happened to notice a little picture of an adorable little notebook in my Facebook feed and I thought to myself that I deserved a little stationery treat. So I clicked through to the Sticker Stack website and lost myself for a good half an hour, perusing their adorable stationery collection.

Sticker StackObviously, I couldn’t just buy the little notebook. That would be a waste. I wanted something else to jazz up my to do lists a bit. I generally plan my week using my ever-present & ever-grubby Filofax. While I use an array of colours, coloured tabs and highlighters throughout, I wanted something a bit different to make me smile. So I bought the big pack of stickers too and they are so cool! They make me smile so much! I also treated myself to some more washi tape, because it’s washi tape! They also popped the little dots and ‘Always Smile’ sticky notes in the envelope, which are super cute! I want to use the little planner to organise my blog posts, as I have many ideas in my head, but no where to organise them effectively. So am planning a little stationery and handwriting session with my little notebook this weekend. I can not wait!

Did you know that National Stationery Week is coming up at the end of March? I’ll be doing a few posts about that so if you want embrace your inner stationery geek, then stay tuned!