I want things all the time. I pin them, blog about them, tweet about them & Facebook them. But when my birthday comes around & people say, ‘What would you like for your birthday?’ my mind goes blank! So I thought I’d spend some time thinking about what I’d really like, something that I would really enjoy. I’d like a mixture of treats, practical things as well as things I can do. So here goes!

Cross Stitch Kit

Sewing KitI’ve wanted this cross stitch kit for ages! Our walls are a little bit bare, since I’ve been terrified to put anything up on our newly plastered walls! (They were redone when we moved in – 3 years ago!) But I think this would go quite nicely with something I’m working on.

Bespoke Lampshade Workshop

lampshade class

We desperately need some new lampshades, but I really want to have a go at making my own. I’d love to go to a lampshade workshop to learn how to do it – at least that way I’d have at least one new shade to hang in the house!

Apothecary Jar


Now I don’t really need this, but I love it! And I’ve already thought about all the different beautiful flowers that could go in it. Perfect for bringing a bit of the outside in.


PeoniesPeonies are my favourite flower. They are so cheerful & remind me of summer. I’m definitely going to plant a peony bush in the garden when we get around to it, but for now I’d settle for a small bunch of them!

Succulent Plants


I am obsessed with succulents at the moment. They seem to be everywhere! I’ve got a few containers that would look great with succulents in them. Plus I’m thinking that they’re easy to take care of, which is a very good thing as far as I’m concerned!

Dr Martens – Boots

DMBootsSince we adopted Poppy, we’re doing a lot more walking. I’d love a new pair of Dr Martens to go out in. I can remember having a few pairs of these when I was a teenager – so wish I hadn’t thrown them out!

Dr Martens – Bag


I still need a bag big enough to carry my laptop in as well as all my bag stuff. I hate having to carry lots of bags, but I need a stylish bag that can hold as much stuff as Mary Poppin’s carpet bag!

Veggie Fizzy Cola Bottles

Veggie Fizzy cola bottlesThese were my favourite sweets as a kid – my pick’n’mix bag was always full of them! But since turning veggie, they’re really hard to come by so I save them for birthday treats. Lush!

Sipsmith Gin

GinI love a good G&T in the Summer! Sitting in the garden, with a good book & the sun going down, and a delicious G&T in my glass! What could be better?!

Gilmore Girls – Season 2


I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan! I love the place, the people & want to move there! I’ve only got Season 1 on DVD so I need to add the next one to my collection!

The Walking Dead – Season 2


I am also completely obsessed with zombies & am a huge fan of the Walking Dead. I’m┬ádevastated┬áthat I can’t watch Season 3 yet because we don’t have the right channel so for the moment, I’d like the Season 2 box set to keep me going.

If I had to choose one thing though, I think I’d have to go for the peonies! They are just so lovely! I also definitely want cake and lots of it! How about you? What one thing do you want for your next birthday?